Friday, 7 August 2009

Planting fruit trees in Castlemaine!

Castlemaine! Castlemaine! Castlemaine!

Networker Julia has beein in touch.
Here's what she says:

Hi All,

Just a quick message today.

Fruit trees in the street

The group of Castlemaine community gardeners planting fruit trees on the nature strips is meeting every Saturday at 2pm while this good tree planting weather continues.

This Saturday, 8 August, we will be in Lyttleton Street (up from Urquhart Street). Bring heavy tools or just come along and give your support! The more the merrier!

For more details – or if you have a bit of nature strip that needs some fruiting trees for the future –
please phone Andrew on 0408369097.

Enjoy the rain,

Saturday morning

Fruit Tree Planters!

After some discussions with Council regarding roadside management and their streetscape planning it has been decided to hold off on this week’s planting in Lyttleton St to allow some input from Council staff.

We will still meet in the Lyttleton St area Saturday at 2pm to visit some prospective sites for planting this season.

We are of the view that Food Trees should be a part of any streetscape planting and will make that point to Council. We are also aware that many people plant and manage their own nature strip (and have done for many years) and feel that food trees are a real asset with a potential to be more and more important for food, shade and aesthetics.

So we will see you tomorrow and keep you informed of our future plans and activities.


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