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Yesterday, I posted the question which forms the title of this post. The traffic to the blog has been wonderful and is rocketing the statistics upwards no end, dear Networkers. The traffic landing on the blog comes from Australia, numerous places in the USA, Germany and England. Thank you folks. Just one thing though, I do wish you could have added to my store of knowledge about PB as requested in the post title.

However, an Anonymous has posted on yesterday's post and I am publishing it openly here to-day. As it happens, I do know Anonymous. And, dear Networkers, you can see why Anonymous prefers anonymity. The links in the Anonymous information are from me. Isn't it strange how international corporations turn up on all sorts of things: water issues in Sydney and the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and Aboriginal housing in remote areas of the Northern Territory. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about globalisation when it comes so close to me. (Smile!)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WHO IS PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF? WHAT IS THEIR ROLE I...":

Hi Brigid
"A close personal friend of mine" had the honour of having been threatened with Legal Action By PB on the blog "
The Nature of Robertson."

Their man was working inside the
SCA ("seconded"). He was "Project Manager" for the Kangaloon Aquifer project.

It is interesting to read the legal notice received from them requiring my friend to take down 3 posts and to remove another reference to their man inside the SCA.

Given that all the statements were true, their claim that it was "false and defamatory" was simple bluster.

None-the-less, my friend removed the statements and published in full PB's Legal represenmtative's demand - which told him (and everybody) far more about how PB operate than he could have ever hoped to expose.
For some reason I cannot paste a link in this comment.
The Posting was dated 29 April 2008
"The Sayings of John Ross Part 3 - deleted".
Even better is the revelation in "
The Cost of the Kangaloon Borefield" dated 25 April 2008
where he quoted JR as having told the local Community Reference Group (an official committee) that the Borefield project would cost "approx $10 million". In fact the SCA Acting Head had already told the Dept of Planning that it was estimated at "$60 to $80 million".
That was in an official SCA application for approval of the Project.
One would have assumed that "Project Manager" had advised his Chief Executive prior to that application being submitted. Shows something of the way their man handled the truth, don't you think?
No doubt you can expect a letter from their legal representative.
These sorts of companies monitor the Internet.
You know who.

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