Sunday, 23 August 2009

Ban Political Donations: start with liquor and gambling

However, it is not just the panel
who makes interesting comments.
Listen for statements/questions from
John Cane, former Victorian Premier
the lone DLP member of Parliament in Australia.

Miss Eagle's view is that
those who are influenced
those who can and hope to influence
live in denial
or, more bluntly,
cloud-cuckoo land.

Disclosure is not enough.
Perhaps if names went on billboards
in relation to what is being influenced.
Otherwise, no.

Money for influence is not new.
Money for influence has not gone away.

John Cane fingers the liquor and gambling interests.

So, citizens, want safety on Melbourne's streets?

Get liquor and gambling interests
off the political donors & lobbyists roll.

* Thanks to Denis for drawing my attention to this
even though he had to wake me from a Sunday nap
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