Friday, 7 August 2009

Animals Australia: the voice for animals....if you care

Are you a r-e-a-l animal lover? Has the topic of ethical eating really challenged you? Are you beginning to think about animal suffering and slaughter? Well, you might like to put thoughts into action and meet some like minded people.

The wonderful Roy E Taylor has just emailed. Some more hands are needed for the Animals Australia Outreach to-morrow. Can you help?

Animals Australia 's Victorian Outreach Committee will be organising another Live Export stall for this Saturday (8/8/2009) as another fantastic opportunity to keep the momentum rolling!

We will be meeting at 10.15 at the entrance ramp to the Wilson Carpark at the corner of Elizabeth Street & Little Collins (entrance ramp on Elizabeth Street ), or at 10.30 at the corner of Bourke & Swanston.

We will probably run until 2pm, weather & crowds dependant.

Our plan is to distribute leaflets, take donations, hold up banners, and get signatures on the petition. With enough people present, we can turn this into a mini-demonstration!!

Larry, our giant sheep will be joining us, and we are hoping that Bo Peep may make an appearance in coming weeks.

It would be ideal if you can help me unload my car by being at the entrance to the carpark at 10.15, otherwise just meet us at the corner of Bourke & Swanston from 10.30. If the weather looks dodgy on the day, please call me between 8.30 and 9.45am to confirm whether or not we will go ahead, since, as everyone knows, giant sheep don't like the rain.

I would prefer it if you could confirm by email me if you can come along, if you can't don't worry about it, there will be plenty of other opportunities to help Animals in the future. The more the merrier though!!

Animals Australia has said that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of Victorian requests for Live Export Action Packs in the past few weeks, so it is likely that our stalls on Bourke Street are having an impact. This is an indication that we are doing something right, and we need your help for this to continue!

Cheers and thanks again for all you do for the animals

Roy Taylor (0402 580 338)


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