Saturday, 15 August 2009

Cry me a River Journery - Update 4: Steve Posselt's Melbourne journey almost complete. Greet him to-morrow Sunday 16 August.

Out of the pipeline
One way to get a clear run
from the Goulburn to the Yarra River.
Close to the top
Steve walked up the last stages
of the Great Dividing Range in the morning.
Fire devastates catchments
Fire devastates catchments.
Not popular here either
Not popular here either.
13 There's the top
There's the top.
Kinglake turnoff
Kinglake turnoff.
At the top
Out of the Murray Darling Basin and
into the catchment of Port Phillip Bay.
Note the fire damage.
Into Yarra Glen
Regeneration work is going on apace
in the wake of the bushfires.
Roosting post
Norm is putting up the kayak for the night.
The pot of gold at the end
of the Rainbow for Steve.

Steve's journey is almost over.
Below is the remaining itinerary
Please greet Steve
on arrival in Melbourne.

Sunday 16 August
15km into Melbourne arriving 1.00pm
Arrive to supporters on bank,
accompanied by other canoes.
Media Event

Day thirteen - Spanning the Divide

Day 13Well, I pushed it to the limit yesterday but was pleased that I could walk OK this morning. Things went reasonably well until I got to the top of the range but they fell apart on the way down. By the time I got to the bottom and had been up and down two more hills the pain in my legs was about 7.5 on the ten scale.

There had been some thought that I might paddle the first bit of the Yarra in the afternoon but with my right leg starting to spasm we reckoned it would not be a good idea.

There was a mix up with well wishers at Yarra Glen who had arranged a sendoff at 9.00am but we could not guarantee the time and I wanted to get cracking before that as we need to get 50km per day done and don’t know what the river is like.

Daily log 30.4km


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