Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ARE WE GOVERNED BY GREED: Philip Freire, Ian Harper and Zoe Morrison

Now I realise that many Networkers won't have a clue who the Anglican (Episcopal) Archbishop of Melbourne is. For more details see here and here. You will notice that Philip Freire is no invisible man.

On Tuesday of next week, the Archbishop is having another of his Conversations. In these events which are held at BMW Edge, Federation Square, the Archbishop works his way through a fascinating collection of people: some are household names, some a little less well known but all interesting, all people to learn from.

The next Conversation is on Tuesday the 18th of August at 07:30am and this month's topic explores whether 'we're governed by greed'. Please join the Archbishop on Tuesday morning as he reflects on lessons we might take from the global financial crisis, with former Chairman of the Fair Pay Commission, Professor Ian Harper, and Dr Zoė Morrison of the Brotherhood of St Laurence.


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