Monday, 17 August 2009

Fraser Brindley and the Good Fairy: take part in making an e-waste wish come true

No, I don't think that inveterate Networker,
Fraser Brindley of Environment Victoria,
thinks we should do nothing about our e-waste
and leave it to the Good Fairy.
Not at all.

Here's what Fraser's talking about.
Read below and then join in the campaign.
Then Fraser's wish will come true
and we can all join in with the Good Fairy
and know we are doing the right & responsible thing.

Dear Miss Eagle

A couple of months ago you sent an email to Peter Garrett and to your state environment minister to let them know that you want to see e-waste recycling in Australia.

Thanks for that. As a result of your action, we’re one step closer to getting an e-waste recycling scheme up and going.

As you might have heard, government has decided to release a consultation regulatory impact statement (RIS) for televisions and computers. This is a process to decide what sort of recycling scheme to introduce for televisions and computers.

We’ve posted our submission to this process. In summary, we’re asking for the federal and state government to do the following things:

- Introduce a single, nationally administered scheme for televisions and computers.

- Design the scheme so that it can be easily expanded to include all other e-waste, including mobile phones, batteries and fluorescent lights.

- Include all historic and orphan (obsolete brands) waste in the scheme so that everyone can recycle their old TVs and computers.

- Aim to achieve the highest possible rate of recycling.

- Make a decision this November when the Environment Protection and Heritage Council next meet.

If you agree with what we’ve had to say, please, let government know. The more people supporting our submission, the more likely we are to get e-waste recycling introduced and in a way that works for everyone.

Feel free to cut and paste the points above, and send your comments to:

Ms Monina Gilbey
NEPC Service Corporation
Level 5, 81 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: (08) 8419 1200

Thanks again,

Fraser Brindley, Production & Consumption Campaigner

Environment Victoria

Our submission:

The draft RIS:


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