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Take up the Tutu challenge --- Forgiveness Day, 2 August 2015

Forgiveness Day 2015 - Aug 2, 2015

Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance
Spreading Forgiveness Around the World

Sunday, August 2, 2015 • 7 pm
at Unity Marin • Novato
The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance (WFA), founding organization of International Forgiveness Day, is sponsoring its 19th Annual International Forgiveness Day Awards Ceremony on Sunday August 2, 2015. WFA focuses on providing training in the techniques of forgiveness as well as in the knowledge of the psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual benefits of the forgiveness process. WFA also promotes the spread of awareness and knowledge of the scientific findings related to forgiveness.
This year people all over the world will be synchronized in our celebration of Forgiveness Day. We have made some amazing global allies with the most recent being an organization called: The Moment of Calm . 
On the 2nd of August 2015 The Moment of Calm are asking that you take a moment to forgive. Last year 1.7 Million people took that moment. So on the 2nd Of August at 2 pm  wherever you are you are invited to take 2 minutes to Forgive someone! See below to learn more

This year on Forgiveness day we could have 2 million people practicing Forgiveness!
You are the Forgiveness Alliance, people working to bring more forgiveness to this world and we value your support. Please attend and bring a friend! Together using the power of forgiveness we will change the world!
More info: 415-261-1393

Order Tickets for Forgiveness Day 2015 - $20.00

2015 Heroes and Champion of Forgiveness

2015 Champion of Forgiveness

Facing The Painful Challenges Of The Year Of Forgiveness!

Once the power of forgiveness is introduced every hidden upset shows up


2015 Hero of Forgiveness

She Forgave the Hate-Driven Men Who Almost Killed Her

Now Her Music Has Made Her a Healing Angel to the World.


Our Heroes and Champions

Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge and Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance Invite You to Join the Movement!

Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and international statesman for reconciliation and forgiveness has announced the launching of his global Forgiveness Challenge starting on May 4, 2014.
Click on our Forgiveness Challenge link below and sign up to become an activist for forgiveness. On his website you’ll find answers to your questions about forgiveness and even learn how to forgive! Remember, the act of forgiving can bring more love and peace to your life.
When enough of us forgive—we can change the world!

The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to evoke the healing spirit of Forgiveness worldwide.

We declare that "Forgiveness Is the Greatest Healer of Them All" and that "Without Forgiveness There Is No Future".

Mission Statement

The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization whose mission is to evoke the healing spirit of Forgiveness worldwide. We declare that “Forgiveness Is the Greatest Healer of Them All” (1) and that “Without Forgiveness There Is No Future”(2)
To accomplish this far-reaching mission we have set the following goals:
  • To establish an International Forgiveness Day in every village and hamlet across the world by the year 2025.
  • To bring the curative powers of forgiveness to the elderly, to youth, to chemically dependent and/or abused women, men and children through classes, workshops and seminars.
  • To promote the practice of forgiveness as a Life Skill and to develop curriculum, classes and workshops for children, youth and adults of all ages.
  • To develop training programs to certify counselors as “Forgiveness Life Skill Teachers.”
  • To create forgiveness workshops and seminars in corporations to effectuate breakthroughs and help increase net profits. The benefits of forgiveness training breakthroughs make possible more creative, stress-free and happy job relationships which can increase net profits.
  • To promote and publicize the research findings that Forgiveness creates better health, abundance and ease, more joy, greater optimism and hope and lessens depression, stress, illness, disease. Forgiveness also opens one to more lasting, happy, supportive relationships.
  • To help develop and conduct further research to quantify and codify the powerful effects of the applied practice of forgiveness in a multiplicity of settings.
  • To create entertainment/learning events (Forgiveness Film Festivals, Forgiveness Concerts, etc) in communities around the world.
1 Dr. Gerald Jampolsky
2 Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Shane Howard stands on Solid Rock

An Open Letter to 'Reclaim Australia' 
It was brought to my attention that recent Reclaim Australia rallies had been...
Posted by Shane Howard on Thursday, 23 July 2015

Friday, 24 July 2015

Labor, Shorten and a failure to halt boat turn-backs by military vessels at sea

Below is The Editorial from to-day's The Age
For readers who are not familiar with The Age,
it is one of two major daily newspapers in Melbourne, Australia.
It is published by Fairfax Media Limited.
The other newspaper is the Herald Sun which is part of Rupert Murdoch's empire. 
The background for this editorial is that the
the major opposition party in Australia,
will be held in Melbourne this week-end.
Refugee policy - and its inherent cruelty - is a major issue.
Shorten's backflip on boat turn-backs is reprehensible

Date ---July 24, 2015 - 12:15AM

In case anyone has forgotten, it was the Australian Labor Party that introduced banishment to Nauru and Manus Island as a way of halting the flow of boats carrying asylum seekers and economic migrants to our shores. And it was Labor under Kevin Rudd that declared "asylum seekers who come here by boat will never be settled in Australia". That uncompromising "solution", as some might glorify it, has been the most profound deterrent on people-trafficking in this region.
Turning back boats was an addendum to that policy. It was introduced by the Abbott government in late 2013, initially by towing boats to Indonesian waters, then transferring people into orange vessels and pointing them back to Indonesia. Later variations include detaining people on Australian vessels in international waters before handing them to authorities from other countries; using Australian naval vessels to sail asylum seekers directly to ports in their home countries; and, more recently, paying cash to persuade an Indonesian boat crew to turn their boat around and go back.
None of this is acceptable. Not the offshore processing system, nor the eternal banishment from Australia. Not the reprehensible prison-like conditions on Nauru and Manus Island, which are designed to crush people's spirits and, thus, deter others who might attempt the ocean journey. And certainly unacceptable, in our view, is the interception, towing or turning back of boats, let alone handing people back to those same countries which they  believe perpetrate persecution, are complicit in such oppression, or are unable or unwilling to protect them from harm and discrimination.
Bill Shorten this weekend will ask the Australian Labor Party's national conference to formally approve  a dramatic shift in policy and  adopt  the turn-back strategy of the Abbott government. We believe the policy is morally repugnant, and that Labor's rationale is flawed.
Richard Marles, Labor's spokesman on immigration, contends that while most people who attempt the sea journey from Indonesia to Australia are genuine refugees, this final leg "is not a flight from persecution. No one is fleeing persecution in Indonesia". This is simplistic rubbish. Ask Papua New Guinea about refugees who have fled oppressive authorities or racial and religious violence in West Papua and other eastern provinces. More importantly, however, we remind Mr Marles that superior courts around the world have confirmed repeatedly that it does not matter whether a refugee has come via one country or many to seek asylum. The claim must be assessed, on its merits, by the country where it is sought.
We believe this nation should uphold its obligations under international law, with respect paid to the needs of each person who seeks assistance. For that reason, The Age does not support turning back asylum seeker boats. Repelling people at sea, or depositing them in other countries, prematurely terminates their claims for protection. This is a ruthless and despicable relinquishment of Australia's obligations.  While the offshore detention system provides for some processing of refugee claims, it is terribly flawed, not least  in principle. 
We believe in justice, and in extending compassion and dignity to people who seek refuge. To that end, we believe processing of refugee claims and detention arrangements should be conducted in Australia, by Australian authorities, and with the prospect of permanent settlement here for those who demonstrate legitimate claims. The Age is not naive enough to presume that this could be adopted without the risk of a sudden flood of boats heading to our shores. It is why we have always argued for a regional solution, rather than a Fortress Australia mentality.
If Labor adopts Mr Shorten's proposal, it will suggest a party that too readily ditches important principles for political gain.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

International Day of Actions Denouncing Multinationals : to-day --- State Library of Victoria --- 5.30pm

Community Rally

If you love life...Don't drink Coca-Cola!! 
(all its link products)

Melbourne, Wednesday July 22nd, 5:30pm
Victoria State Library
corner of Latrobe and Swanston Street
Melbourne City
Everyone welcome.
Speakers, music and more
We invite social and human rights organizations and all those affected by the policies of the transnational corporations, to join the International Day to be held in different countries on July 22, and in Australia on Saturday July 23rd, as an expression of protest against exploitation, poverty, hunger, war, so that we do not continue to be the ones who pay for the economic crisis and environmental devastation”.

Corporations around the world act as a law unto their own. We see this play out in our myriad struggles. 

Many people are continuing the fight against the domination corporations exercise over peoples’ lives, and we ask that you join us on this day to take a public stand against the devastation these amoral corporations are inflicting on us and other oppressed peoples.

Multinational Corporations, with State and so-called democratic governments' support and complicity, act only to benefit the privileged few at the expense of the majority; to reinforce exploitation of poor people, smash unionism and undermine workers rights, terrorise and murder union activists, displace and assimilate Indigenous communities and trash our natural resources and environment.

The well-documented crimes of corporations such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Barrick Gold, Coca-Cola, Fonterra, Chiquita Brand, Monsanto, Drummond, Nestle, and BP, among others,is hardly complete; thus LASNET continues with the initiative to develop an International Multinational Monitor, and we invite everyone interested to join us in developing this initiative in order to watch and denounce multinationals' behaviour against people. 

Particularly those engaged in the oppression and abuse of people around the world, firms such as Motorola involved who have supported the Israeli apartheid regime through providing guided munitions and surveillance technologies used against the Palestinian people; or in Colombia like Chiquita Brands and Coca-Cola who are involved in supporting paramilitaries as with the US courts cases against these two companies due to their involvement in the repression against SINALTRAINAL, Colombia’s food industry union.

With this protest we are calling to stop Multinational corporations' involvement in violence against people around the world especially in Colombia, Mexico, Palestine, and locally in Australia.

We acknowledge, and support, the proliferation of local struggles for workers rights/community power, autonomy and self-management, for freedom from corporate domination and devastation. We should be able to work and create spaces for these different actions, and to make concrete, living social manifestations of community and workers’ self-management.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Join Friends of the Earth at the ALP Conference in Melbourne : Say NO to the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and YES to Renewable Energy.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne
about_us_spot_2.jpg events_spot_2.jpg Volunteer_spot2.jpg Donate_spot_2.jpg     youtube_icon.png facebook_icon.jpg twitter-bird-white-on-blue.png

The ALP National Conference is in town and there is a lot at stake. We need strong alternatives to the Abbott Government, we need the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to map out how they will stand for environmental and social justice.
That is why FoE will be rallying this Friday and Saturday at the ALP National Conference to say NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
and YES to safe jobs from renewable energy.

Please keep an eye out at both events and rally with us under the Friends of the Earth banner (and bring your own placards too).

tpp6-trojan-horse_(1).jpgRALLY: Say NO to the TPP!

Organised by the TPP Unions & Community Roundtable Coalition, this is a "welcome" rally outside the conference asking ALP delegates to support the unions' and communities' call to release the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership text and remove Investor State Dispute Settlement from any proposed trade agreements. Unless these very reasonable conditions are met by the government we ask for ALP delegates to call for an immediate withdrawal from negotiations.

Event details:When: 8am - 9am, Friday 24 July.

Where: Outside the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (enter off Clarendon Street and head towards South Wharf – near the Polly Woodside).

Dr Pat Ranald (AFTINET)
Ged Kearney (ACTU President)
Dr Deborah Gleeson (Public Health, La Trobe University)
Kelvin Thompson (ALP MP for Wills and deputy chairperson on the Joint Standing Committee On Treaties)
Fran Murrell (MADGE)
Erin McCallum ( GETUP Political Director)

Facilitator: Sam Castro (Friends of the Earth)

Come listen to the speeches and help us hand out badges and fliers to the delegates. They will be holding the formal debate on trade around midday and it is going to be hotly contested. Let's show that we care!

How to get there: enter off Clarendon Street and head towards South Wharf (near the Polly Woodside). We will be starting on time as delegates need to be in the conference by 9am.
Say NO to the TPP and RSVP NOW on Facebook


RALLY: Say YES to Renewable Energy!

The Abbott government is sabotaging Australia’s renewable energy future. Not content with its savage 20% cut to the national Renewable Energy Target, the government has dictated to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation that it can no longer invest in wind farms and rooftop solar power.

The Abbott government’s attack threatens thousands of jobs, sets up barriers for communities who want to go renewables, and makes it more difficult to tackle global warming.

Friends of the Earth will join other organisations and a push by rank-and-file Labor party members calling on the Opposition to commit to a national Renewable Energy Target of at least 50% by 2030.

Will you join FoE, clean energy workers, community leaders, and thousands of voters, to show the ALP Australia is ready for leadership on clean renewable power?

Event Details:

When: 11am - 12pm, Saturday 25 July.
Where: Melbourne Convention Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf, Melbourne, Victoria 3006, Australia (Google map and directions).
The ALP must step up to provide the necessary vision and policy settings to put Australia on a path to a cleaner, fairer economy that tackles the challenge of climate change.
RSVP here to join us on Saturday at the rally.

We can't wait to see you there - and don't forget to come find us rallying together under the FoE banner!

Friends of the Earth Melbourne
Friends of the Earth Melbourne · 312 Smith St, Collingwood , VIC 3066, Australia
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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Divisive rallies bring violence to the streets of Melbourne and a forceful police intervention as Muslims celebrate Eid


Who was the centre of attention in front of and near Victoria's Parliament House yesterday?  Reclaim Australia and their associates wanted to provide a double focus of attention: themselves and Muslims living in Australia.

No Room for Racism and its sympathisers were equally determined on a dual focus: to counter the racism of Reclaim Australia and its cohort and to make the public aware of their organisation.

Did the events of the day go as planned for both sides?  Possibly. Possibly not.  However, it seems that there were elements on both sides who were prepared for trouble one way or another.  

A group with a similar title to Reclaim Australia hit Ballarat early in 2014.  Restore Australia arrived in Ballarat trying to incite antagonism to the building of a mosque in the city - a city which was the site of Australia's first document demanding democratic rights.  As can be seen from this Facebook presence, drumming up opposition to the mosque being built by Ballarat's small Islamic community was not too successful.  

What Restore Australia did not take into account in the Ballarat situation is that community friendships had already been forged within the broader community by the time they blew into town.  The local Islamic community had friends - a broad spectrum of friends.  And the then Mayor was an early responder.

Meanwhile, amid all this swirling of clashing tensions and violent police intervention, what were Muslims doing? Yesterday was the beginning of Eid celebrations. Muslims were enjoying themselves. Behind them was a month of fasting. Now can come the feasting.  Perhaps Reclaim Australia chose the day and date deliberately with an intent to insult Muslims - or perhaps they knew there would not be a Muslim in sight or hearing of their rampage!

The Faith Communities Council of Victoria has issued the following statement.

Statement on Nationwide Rallies: 

Faith Communities Council of Victoria

The Faith Communities Council of Victoria (FCCV) has issued the following statement in light of reports that over the weekend of the 18/19th July 2015, Reclaim Australia is planning nationwide rallies which we believe are divisive and not in the nation’s best interests. 

The acceptance of our multicultural and multifaith society is one of Australia's greatest achievements and assets. The celebration of this rich diversity that exists in our society ensures we remain innovative, resilient and globally competitive - all of which enhances our society and increases our standard of living.

Like any asset, our multicultural and multifaith identity needs to be continuously nourished and threats to undermine it need be addressed. The current environment fueled by economic uncertainty and fear is encouraging the rise of extreme groups like Reclaim Australia and UPF (United Patriots Front), who are intent on disenfranchising minorities and disturbing the peace within our society.

These groups demonstrate they possess anti-Muslim, anti-Asian, anti-Indigenous, anti-Semitic and anti-Refugee sentiments.

We, the Faith Communities Council of Victoria, actively discourage any kind of involvement with these groups and see them as a threat to peace and social cohesion within our society. 

We believe there has to be a continuous dialogue promoting multiculturalism and multifaith.

We also encourage all to discourage others from supporting these groups in any way.

The harmony and diversity in our society is the basis of the beauty of Australia, and we request your support in maintaining this.

Faith Communities Council of Victoria
Faith Communities Council of Victoria is comprised of the following peak bodies: Baha'i Community of Victoria, Brahma Kumaris Australia, Buddhist Council of Victoria, Hindu Community Council of Victoria, Islamic Council of Victoria, Jewish Community Council of Victoria, Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria and Victorian Council of Churches.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Eid Mubarak - Happy Eid - to all the friends of The Nework

May your plate of life be always full of juicy kebabs & tikkas 
topped with the chutney of happiness. 
With best wishes
Eid Mubarak.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Green Left Weekly Activist Calendar - 15-07-18

Activist Calendar, July 18
Rally: Protest against Reclaim Australia
Saturday, July 18, 10am. Parliament House, Spring St, City.
Rally: Stop Labor's cruel refugee policy
Saturday, July 25, 12 noon. No to offshore processing! No to mandatory detention! Organised by the Refugee Action Collective; endorsed by Labor 4 Refugees.Speakers include: Sue Lines (ALP Senator); Pamela Curr (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre); Aran Mylvaganam (Tamil Refugee Council); Mohammad Baqiri (Afghan refugee); Michele O'Neil (State Secretary Clothing Textile and Footwear Union of Australia). 12pm. Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, Southbank.
Green Left Weekly Comedy Debate: Abbott is the root of all evil
Friday, July 24, 6:30 pm (for 8pm start). Master of ceremonies: Rod Quantock. With the comic talents of: Simon Keck, Kirsty Mac, Ali MC, Minister of UnAustralian Affairs, Morven Smith, Evan Thompson. Bar & meal available from 6:30pm. Brunswick Town Hall, cnr Sydney Rd & Dawson St, Brunswick.
Tickets: $50 solidarity, $30 regular, $22 low-waged, $12 unwaged (doesn't include meal). Bookings essential. Book online at or phone 9639 8622. A fundraiser for the progressive, non-profit newspaper Green Left Weekly.
This is the regular Melbourne activist calendar compiled by Green Left Weekly. Emailed to subscribers each Wednesday fortnight, it is a one-stop listing of the main left and progressive events in Melbourne and Geelong.
Since it began in early 1991, Green Left Weekly has offered an indispensable alternative to the lies of the big-business media and has helped build the various movements for social change. To subscribe to Green Left Weekly, visit our secure online website for rates and payment or call our national hotline on 1800 634 206.
You can also contact us at the Resistance Centre, 5th floor, 407 Swanston St, City; ph 9639 8622. In Geelong we are at the Activist Centre, Trades Hall, 127 Myers St (opening hours: Mon 2-4:30pm, Fri 10am-4:30pm); ph 5222 6900.
New email address? Not already receiving this calendar regularly? Want to subscribe someone else? Let us know at GreenLeft Melbourne.
Wednesday, July 15
Moreland North-East Ward residents meeting. Meet your local councillor Sue Bolton. Some issues for discussion include: Reportback on July council meeting; adequacy of council’s interpreter services; climate action policies in Moreland; renovation of Merlynston Hall; any other issue that you would like to raise. 7pm.Fawkner Senior Citizens Centre, 77 Jukes Road, Fawkner (near Fawkner Library & Fawkner Leisure Centre). For information email Sue Bolton or phone  0417 583 664.
Friday, July 17 - Friday, July 31
Concert: Ezekiel Ox. Ezekiel Ox's career in music, activism, theatre and spoken word has spanned 15 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Catch Ox every Friday this July, 9-10.30pm at the Laundry Bar, 48-50 Johnston St, Fitzroy. Entry free.
Saturday, July 18
Rally: Protest against Reclaim Australia. 10am. Parliament House, Spring St, City.
Comedy: Nazeem Hussain in Yarraville. I will performing my show 'Legally Brown' one last time. 8pm. Yarraville Live, 135 Stephen St, Yarraville.  Book at
Sunday, July 19
Moreland Socialists meeting. Discussion topics will include: Dispelling the myths of carbon offsets: How good are Moreland's climate policies (guest speaker: Andrea Bunting from Climate Action Moreland & Socialist Alliance); Reportback from July council meeting; Proposal for local anti-racism rally. 2pm. Anatolian Cultural Centre, 195 Sydney Road, Coburg (100 metres south of Reynard St). For more information, email Sue or call 0413 377 978.
Friday, July 24
Green Left Weekly Comedy Debate: Abbott is the root of all evil. MC: Rod Quantock. With the comic talents of: Simon Keck, Ali MC, Kirsty Mac, Minister of UnAustralian Affairs, Morven Smith, Evan Thompson. 6:30 pm (for 8pm start). bar & meal available from 6:30pm. Brunswick Town Hall, cnr Sydney Rd & Dawson St, Brunswick. Tickets: $50 solidarity, $30 regular, $22 low-waged, $12 unwaged. Bookings essential. Book online at or phone 9639 8622. A fundraiser for the progressive, non-profit newspaper Green Left Weekly.
Saturday, July 25
Rally for clean energy at ALP National Conference. 11am. Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank. Organised by Getup.
Rally: Stop Labor's cruel refugee policy. No to offshore processing! No to mandatory detention! Organised by the Refugee Action Collective; endorsed by Labor 4 Refugees. Speakers include: Sue Lines (ALP Senator); Pamela Curr (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre); Aran Mylvaganam (Tamil Refugee Council); Mohammad Baqiri (Afghan refugee); Michele O'Neil (State Secretary Clothing Textile and Footwear Union of Australia). 12pm. Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, Southbank.
Rally at the ALP Conference: Demand a binding vote on marriage equality. 1pm.Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, Southbank.
Fundraiser: Tamil feast at National Refugee Rights Conference. Come celebrate Tamil culture over a feast! Sri Lankan vegetarian banquets of curries, chutneys, vadai, dahl, korma’s, masala’s & more than your tastebuds can handle. There will also be fun Tamil music and a bar. Ticket sales are online here and limited to 60 per night so get in quick!! CERES Community Kitchen, cnr Stewarts & Roberts Sts, Brunswick East. Bookings here.
Sunday, July 26
National Refugee Rights Conference. Many refugee rights activist from around the country will be in Melbourne for the rally on Sat July 25 supporting efforts to change ALP policy and break the bipartisan consensus of cruelty towards refugees. Therefore the Melbourne Refugee Action Collective is taking the opportunity to host a national conference of refugee rights supporters the day after on Sunday July 26, from 10am to 3pm at ANMF House, 540 Elizabeth St Melbourne (just north of the Vic Markets). We will discuss the way forward for the struggle for refugee rights. Registration is free and will start from 9.30am. All refugee supporters are welcome. 10am-3pm. ANMF House 540 Elizabeth St, City. Register at National Refugee Rights Conference.
Public meeting: Public interests before corporate interests. 1:30pm. Jika Jika Community Centre, cnr Plant & Union Sts, Northcote. Organised by Defend and Extend Public Housing. Facebook event
Saturday, August 1
Film screening: Rules of the Game. An honest approach to the difficulties marginalised youth face in trying to earn a living, and empathetic in dissecting the unspoken, seemingly satirical, codes of conduct they have to master. 1:45 pm. Kino Cinema, Collins St, City. Bookings: Rules of the Game.
Film screening: A German Youth. "Refuses to romanticize the actions of the Red Army Faction (RAF) yet similarly offers no condemnation, demanding that audiences consider the political and social atmosphere of the period." (Variety) 9:15 pm. ACMI Cinema, Federation Square, City. Bookings: A German Youth.
Viva Venezuela: Cultural night celebrating the Bolivarian Revolution. Speakers, musical bands, cultural performances, delicious food and drinks! MUA Hall, 46 Ireland St, North Melbourne. Sponsored by the Maritime Union of Australia. Organised jointly by Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and Latin America Solidarity Network (LASNET).
Sunday, August 2
Fundraiser: Rage for refugees. Lineup: Anchors; Raccoon City Police Department; Tired Minds; Summer Blood; Pitt the Elder; Knife Hands. All ages. $10 online, $15 at door. From 1pm. Tickets available at OztixWrangler Studios, 8C Whitely Parade, West Footscray (10 minute walk from Tottenham station). A fundraiser gig for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
Film screening: The Hunting Ground. Documentary on sexual assault at US college campuses. It's not just the number of attacks, which are at epidemic levels; the rampant institutional cover-ups and victim-blaming take as much toll as the original crimes. 4pm. Hoyts Cinema, Russel St, City. Bookings at The Hunting Ground.
Thursday, August 6
Film screening: Hiroshima. Special screening of the extraordinary 1953 historical drama, directed by Hideo Sekigawa. Around 90,000 Hiroshima residents performed as extras in the film, helping recreate the horrific scenes of August 6, 1945. Because of the film's controversial nature, it was rarely screened at the time and was only recently rediscovered and brought back to life. The film's narrative is based on essays written by school students who survived the atomic bombing. Some half a million teachers across Japan are said to have helped finance its production. 6:30pm. Kaleide Theatre, 360 Swanston St, City. $15/$25. Bookings here.
Saturday, August 8
Rally: Stop Aboriginal deaths in custody! Implement Recommendation 92: imprisonment must be sanction of last resort. Join us to demand: An immediate end to deaths in custody; Full implementation of recommendations 87, 92, 121 and all of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody; Justice for Ms Dhu and all who have died in custody; Implement measures to give the community control over the police; Build communities, not prisons! 11am. Old GPO, cnr Bourke & Elizabeth Sts, City. Organised by the Indigenous Social Justice Association. Facebook event
Fundraiser: Provocateur. Each month Grrl Fest will team up with Melbourne's finest to bring you a provocative night of performance, music, art and wild wayward women who challenge the status quo. We are the troublemakers, here to burst your bubble. Each month we will raise funds for a different women-orientated organisation. This month we will be raising money for CASA. 24 Moons Bar, 2 Arthurton Road, Northcote. Facebook event.
Sunday, August 9
Public meeting: Islamophobia: Raising Community Awareness. Speakers: Ghaith Krayem: MC; Sue Bolton; Janet Rice; Andrew Gardiner; Yassir Morsi; Rob Stary; Waseem Razvi; Shaheed Drew; Hanan Dover. 1:30-5pm. Coburg Town Hall, 90 Bell St, Coburg. Entry free. Childcare available for kids 2-10 years of age. Pre-registration required as there are limited places available. Please call 0433 202 154 to register for childcare.
Thursday, August 13 - Sunday, August 23
Theatre: Coranderrk: We will show the country. Pays tribute to the resilience and adaptability of a people who rose to the challenge despite all odds, and celebrates the spirit of friendship and genuine collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in pursuit of justice. Starring Jack Charles. La Mama Courthouse,Carlton. Bookings La Mama.
Saturday, August 15
Rally: Marriage Equality now! Tell the politicians we are sick of waiting. If Ireland and the USA can do it, we can too! Vote in Equal Love's rainbow referendum: Show the politicians that the rest of us are ready to vote for marriage equality. 1pm. State Library, 328 Swanston St, City.
Wednesday, August 19
Rally: Student day of action against fee deregulation and funding cuts. 2pm. State Libray, cnr Swanston & La Trobe Sts, City. Organised by National Union of Students.
Friday, July 17
GEELONG Red Cinema: Oliver Stone's 'South of the border'. Documentary examines the free-market economic policies of the US and the International Monetary Fund, and how they have failed to alleviate Latin America's chronic income inequality. The film suggests that financial calamities such as the Argentine peso collapse of 2001, combined with Latin suspicions of US drug-eradication efforts and resentment over the selling off of natural resources through multinational companies, have contributed to the rise of socialist and social-democratic leaders across the region. Meal 6:30pm; film 7pm. Entry by donation. Trades Hall, 127 Myers St, Geelong. For more info ph 5222 6900. Presented by Socialist Alliance.
Australia Kurdistan Solidarity. Meets regularly to build solidarity with the Kurdish freedom struggle in Rojava (liberated zone in northern Syria), Turkey and elsewhere. For campaign and open letter to have the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) removed from the Australian list of terrorist organisations see Lift the ban on the PKK. For information ph Gulay 0412 926 706 or Aran 0410 197 814.
Australian Unemployment Union. The Australian Unemployment Union is an organisation by the unemployed, for the unemployed. Our mission is to protect the common interests of the 750,000+ Australians who are currently unemployed. For more information visit AUE or Facebook.
Australian West Papua Association (AWPA). Struggles against the Indonesian occupation of West Papua and against environmental destruction and resource theft. For info 9510 2193 or email AWPA.
Climate Action Moreland. Meets regularly to develop action on climate change in the Moreland area. For information ph Andrea on 0424 508 535 or email CAM.
Friends of the Earth's Anti-Nuclear & Clean Energy (ACE) collective. Meets every second Tuesday. FoE office, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. For meeting times & more info email Zin.
Indigenous Social Justice Association. The Indigenous Social Justice Association was established in January 2005 campaigns to permanently stop Aboriginal deaths in custody. During 2013, ISJA will meet the first Thursday of every month. For more info visit ISJA.
Quit Coal: No New Coal Power for Victoria. A Melbourne-based collective which campaigns against expansion of the coal industry in Victoria. We believe this is important because building new coal infrastructure locks in decades of dirty, old technology, when we should be moving towards clean, renewable energy. Quit Coal meets each Wednesday at 6pm, at FOE, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. For more info visit Quit Coal or email us.
Refugee Action Collective. Established in 2000, RAC is a democratic, grassroots activist collective, representing a broad cross section of the community. It aims to mobilise opposition to Australia's inhuman refugee policies. For more info ph 0413 377 978 or visit RAC.
Timor Sea Justice Campaign. For info visit TSJC, email Tom Clarke or ph 0422 545 763.
Victorian Climate Action Calendar. Online updates are available at
Recent articles from Green Left Weekly
          To subscribe to Green Left Weekly visit our secure online website for rates and payment or call our national hotline on 1800 634 206. Join us on Facebook. You can also contact us at the Resistance Centre, 5th floor, 407 Swanston St, City; ph 9639 8622. In Geelong: Activist Centre, Trades Hall, 127 Myers St (opening hours: Mon 2-4.30pm, Fri 10am-4.30pm); ph 5222 6900.
          Links: 'Socialism for the 21st century'
          Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal is a journal for the post-Cold War left; a journal that rejects the Stalinist distortion of the socialist project; a journal that takes into account ecological questions; a journal that is taking steps to bring together the forces for socialism in the world today; a journal that aspires to unite Marxists from different political traditions because it discusses openly and constructively. Links seeks to promote the international exchange of information, experiences of struggle, theoretical analysis and views on strategies and tactics within the international left.
              Socialist Alliance: Broad, non-sectarian, activist
              Socialist Alliance is a proud supporter of the Green Left Weekly project and contributes a regular column. Socialist Alliance is a broad, non-sectarian socialist party, dedicated to bringing together all those who want to resist the capitalist assault on our planet and its people and fight for a socialist society that puts people's needs before business profits. Anyone who agrees with the general approach of our policies is welcome to join and organisations are invited to affiliate. For more information visit Socialist Alliance or join us on Facebook.
              See our recent statements:
              Contact Socialist Alliance. Join with other socialists in the struggle.
              • Melbourne: Visit us at the Resistance Centre, 5th floor, 407 Swanston St, City; ph 9639 8622. In Melbourne, Socialist Alliance meets on the first Tuesday of each month, 6:30pm, at the Resistance Centre.
              • Geelong: Activist Centre, Trades Hall, 127 Myers St (opening hours: Mon 2-4:30pm, Fri 10am-4:30pm); ph 5222 6900.
              Moreland Socialists
              Moreland Socialists is open to anyone (even if you live outside the area) who wants to work constructively to support Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton and use her position to build up a stronger activist left presence in Moreland. In general, we meet monthly and alternate between Coburg and Fawkner.
              If you want to get involved in the group, email us at Socialist Alliance or phone Sue on 9639 8622 or 0413 377 978.
              For news and opinion visit Sue's Moreland Report or Facebook.
              Resistance Bookshop
              Just out!
              An account of the pathbreaking 1980s struggle of women to gain jobs in BHP's Port Kembla steelworks. 76pp, $10. Available from Resistance Bookshop, Level 5, 407 Swanston St, City.

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