Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My Brother's Eyes: the true story of surviving 16 years in a destructive cult by David and John Ayliffe

My Brother’s Eyes

The true story of surviving 16 years in a destructive cult

David and John Ayliffe

For those of us who are seekers, the quest can sometimes lead us into dark places. Sometimes this is because we are not yet experienced questers and we have no adequate compass bearings for the journey. Sometimes, though, we come into dark places through a cause that is simple and complicated all at the same time. Evil, evil personified.

Yes, dear Networkers, there are evil people in the world. People who infect others. People who prey on others. People whose very existence seems to depend on drawing people into - dare I say it - their network of evil.

My friend David Ayliffe has written a book about his dreadful experience/s. I am flabbergasted at his openness and courage in speaking out. Now you might not know David. He is hardly a national celebrity. However, he is known to a few of us here in Melbourne as a responsible, outgoing, community-minded and Christian man. So why give us this dark story from the depths of his personal experience? Perhaps it is a healing of sorts. But courage is what keeps coming to my mind.

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