Thursday, 27 August 2009

How to stop making laws based on race.

Denis writes that Brigid is on the money with what she has written about the Northern Territory Intervention.
Go to the "Statements" section of the "Intervention Walkoff's Blog" and you will find this profound and direct statement:

The only way to stop making laws because of race is to stop making laws because of race

The government cannot by bald assertion adopt by law under the cover of being a “special measure” pursuant to the Racial Discrimination Act in attempt to protect an activity targeted to a race and no others as a legal shield.

Nor can the government’s characterization as being a purpose and object to ameliorate conditions of disadvantage because of race justify the use of racial discrimination.

The social needs of Australians are not based on race as one of the criteria; it remains need.

Such naked declaration disguising the true nature of unnecessarily racial discrimination to enforce a government policy affecting no other Australian does not ipso facto meet the international requirements to justify separate racial treatment under the special measure of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth).

George Villaflor

How can the intelligent people in the Labor Federal Government, and even Jenny Macklin, not see the truth of those simple statements?

Denis Wilson

(White) Australian Citizen, and former supporter of the Labor Party

Robertson, NSW

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