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Sustainability Street, Blackburn 1: Springvale Road Rail relocation project; Blackburn & District Environment Protection Fund

Dear Networkers, I don't know if you are familiar with the Sustainability Street concept - but it has the support of many local governments across Australia. Like Networker John, I live in the City of Whitehorse in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Whitehorse is a progressive council and is very active within its local communities. So here is a catch up on what is happening so that, if you live out this way, please join in. If you don't live nearby, enquire of your local council about whether they are operating the Sustainability Street program. If they are, join in one near you. If not, ask your council to get cracking.


Dear Blackburn Susty Streeters,

What an amazing meeting it was on Wednesday - Thank you to Neco for hosting the evening! We had three feature topics last night, where there are many numerous ways in how you can get involved to protect and enhance the natural environment in Whitehorse.

1. The Blackburn & District Environment Protection Fund

David Morrison presented the new Blackburn & District Environment Protection Fund (BDEPF), which has been set up to recognise the importance of Bushland parks to the community in Whitehorse. David talked about how CoW contains some of the highest quality bushland areas in metro Melbourne and the significance of corridors in joining these areas. Many community members expressed how they could contribute towards achieving connectivity, maintenance and enhancement of these areas – Therefore, the BDEPF as the outcome.

The objectives of the Fund is to:

· Build community support to promote and improve the valuable heritage of bushland in CoW.

· Encourage retention of exiting native trees, shrubs and flowers that support native wildlife.

· Support and fund community groups working with Council to protect and enhance bushland.

The Fund will:

· Create extension of bushland parks and ‘green’ links through strategic land purchases.

· Planting, mulching, weed control and wildlife surveys undertaken by voluntary groups.

· Education programs that increase community awareness of bushland environment and natural heritage values within the CoW.

So, how can you get involved?

Visit: home.vicnet.net.au/~badepf/

Donate: http://www.ourcommunity.com.au/whitehorsegives/donate/appeal_details.form?appealId=1775

Contact: David Morrison on 9894 2531 or email badef@gmail.com

A brainstorming exercise was conducted to explore ways in how we could communicate and promote this – And what a detailed response.


2. Neco Tour

Julian, CEO of Neco provided a Tour of the Neco store. For those who have not yet visited – A must for the variety and knowledge of products and staff members!


3. The Melbourne 2030 - Nunawading Major Activity Centre: "Nunawading Emissions Offset Pilot Project"

As you may know, the Springvale Road project has commenced to move the Nunawading Station underground and onto the other side of Springvale Road. There are a number of Community Amenities in the vicinity including Silver Grove and Nunawading Community Centre. Recently, last year amendments have been made to allow up to 6 story high buildings to be built in the close proximity in that particular zone. Just now, ARUP have been awarded the contract to develop the road/rail project next to the Nunawading Major Activity Centre, a project that will have environmental and social impacts on the neighbouring environment including Blackburn Lake and the connecting Valley Heathy Forest.

So, what kind of development is going to be built and what kind of Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD)is going into this you ask? We the short answer is – This hasn’t been decided. AND now is the time to act as a community (an important stakeholder of this project) to provide input into what kind of development will eventuate. A way to ensure ESD is incorporated is to use this as a pilot ("Nunawading Emissions Offset Pilot Project") and obtain Federal and State support to create a Hub that features ESD and resource efficient technology. What an opportunity for sustainable leadership in comparison to something that could effectively harm the biodiversity, deplete our resources and increase our carbon footprint.

So, how can you get involved?

Visit: http://www.bleep.org.au/

Contact: John Bergin on 9893 6775 or email BLEEPNOW@optusnet.com.au

Further details will be provided on the developments of this cause through the website and Susty Street News and we encourage your support and feedback.

An fruitful night full of discussion and most definitely a realisation that together collectively, we can provide the most valuable input as residents in how we see our community and natural environment connect and interact.

Hope to all see you at a next Susty Street event.

With sincere regards,

Miho Kagawa

Sustainability Officer

Engineering & Environmental Services

City of Whitehorse

Phone: (03) 9262 6433

Fax: (03) 9262 6589

Email: miho.kagawa@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

Web: www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au

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If you would like Council to keep in touch with you via email about other key sustainability events and projects happening in the Whitehorse community, please copy and paste the following into a reply email: Yes, please keep in touch with me about key Whitehorse sustainability events.

Further reading:

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