Thursday, 27 August 2009

Vale Ted Kennedy. Vale Eunice Shriver.

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To have "the feel" of memorialising Ted Kennedy,
I turned to - where else - The New York Times.
To watch the video, please go here.
The Kennedys were far from perfect 
but overall, in spite of all the imperfections
and father Joe who was a crook,
the kids were a class act.
I have always identified with Bobby .
I watched for hours the live coverage of his funeral train
and I still, after forty-one years, have vivid memories
which bring tears to my eyes.
Two weeks before Ted passed from us,
his sister Eunice completed her earthly sojourn.
My view is that we should be contributors
during our time on this planet.
And I am sure we all know contributors
and we know people who seem to be taking up space
through laziness, negativity, destruction.
Some of us contribute on small stages and platforms.
Some of us are completely unseen.
Some of us contribute on a national or world stage
for all to see.
These people inspire us.
They show us what it is to make a difference.
They enhance our humanity
and make life better for those who struggle.
Vale, Ted and Eunice.
In appreciation.

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