Wednesday, 12 August 2009

John Brumby, Collingwood Football Club and the AIS: cronyism at work?

What's a little business between friends?
When its special pleading,
when its political, its cronyism.
at Federation Square after the recent Walk for Harmony.

John Brumby and the Victorian Government are strong opponents of any form of anti-corruption commission such as the Crime and Misconduct Commission in Queensland and the Independent Commission Against Corruption in New South Wales. Brumby and mates show little inclination to forego the privilege and special pleading that forms part of political fundraising.

Only Queensland and New South Wales have such anti-corruption commissions. Neither the Federal Government and the governments of the other states and of the Territories has any such body.

How wonderful! Clearly only Queensland and New South Wales have politicians, bureaucrats, and police services full of suspect people. The Federal Government, the other states and the Territories have politicians, bureaucrats, and public services who are beyond reproach. Or, if reproach is required, it is for mere peccadillos. Nothing serious. Don't you worry about that, as Joh Bjelke Peterson used to say.

I wonder what the current feelilng might be at the Australian Institute of Sport about having an independent body to which government decision making could be referred. Take notice of this example of priveleged decision making, dear Networker.

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