The Australian Government is negotiating with senators to bring back Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs), which would seriously undermine the human rights of refugees.
We urgently need your help to prevent this from happening.

How you can help

All you need to do to help is pick up your phone and urge the Senators from your State or Territory to oppose the reintroduction of TPVs.
Senators are accountable to the people they represent – that’s you! It’s their job to champion their community’s concerns and they listen to how their decisions are received before voting on a bill. So by contacting your senator you can influence the political process in Australia.
It is really easy, just follow our simple instructions.
1) Call the electorate office of a senator in your state. You'll find their contact details on this list on the Parliament of Australia website.
2) State your name, where you’re from, and ask to leave a message.
3) Give the context for why you are calling.
4) Clearly state your message for the Senator.
5) Thank them for passing on the message and hang up.
6) Share this page with your friends and family on Facebook.
Need help? Contact us at and we’ll take you through the process.