Friday, 25 March 2011

Taking Andrew Bolt on through the courts #andrewbolt #aboriginality #indigenous #raceissues


Have received this from my friend Cheryl:
Passing this on fyi and in the hope that you can all support Pat Eatock and others in their upcoming class action against Andrew Bolt and The Herald & Weekly Times. The court hearing is due to commence on Monday 28 March.
Please note: Links in the information below have been inserted by Miss Eagle.

It would be fantastic to see a turn-out of community members at the upcoming court hearing: Pat Eatock V Andrew Bolt & The Herald & Weekly Times.  This is a class action involving a number of Aboriginal people from Victoria and other states, where Mr Bolt has questioned people’s Aboriginality and their involvement in the Aboriginal community.  The claimants have taken this action to the Federal Court under racial vilification legislation.  The case is really important because it is standing up for Aboriginal identity and it is important to support the claimants who are likely to undergo some tough cross-examination from the lawyers representing Mr Bolt and the HWT.

Court seating capacity will depend on the courtroom assigned, but the court has set aside 5 days for proceedings.  This could change once the case begins though, and it may continue on the following week.  It is also likely that a judgement will not be provided until later in 2011.

The hearing is scheduled for:

Monday 28 March
Commonwealth Law Courts Building/Federal Court of Australia (Victorian Registry)
305 William Street

In terms of this case coming together, thanks in advance must go to:
·         Abbie Burchill (Past Tarwirri President & instigator of case)
·         Ron Merkel QC, Herman Borenstein SC & Phoebe Knowles
·         Matt Hansen (former Holding Redlich lawyer & Tarwirri member)
·         Joel Zyngier & Georgie French (Holding Redlich lawyers)
·         Holding Redlich probono program & partners
·         Julia Kahan (Melbourne University arts/law student)
·         Public Interest Law Clearing House
·         The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service – Caroline Francis, Denise McGuinness & Rod Jackson
·         Kaylene Hunter, Jarrah Jones, Tanya Pass & Sharon Barnes (Tarwirri members)

Thanks for your support.

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