Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bob Brown, the CPRS and emissions trading

Dear friend,

This week, Kevin Rudd is asking Parliament to pass laws that give polluters $16 billion and sets emissions reduction targets way too low to fix the climate crisis.

His CPRS – what we call the Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme – locks in failure.

I have recorded a message to explain why the Greens will oppose the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme if the Government refuses to toughen it up by inserting credible emissions targets and making polluters pay.

By going to our website and sending my message on to five of your friends, you can help us make sure that as many Australians as possible hear directly from me about why the Greens will oppose the CPRS – because it locks in failure on the climate crisis.

You can then send a message direct to the Prime Minister that you and your friends will not stand for a bill that condemns the Great Barrier Reef and the Murray Darling and fails the planet.

Click here to watch my message and pass it on to five of your friends.

Get with the Greens!

Senator Bob Brown
Leader of the Australian Greens.

PS: Kevin Rudd wants you to believe that the only choice is between his bill and no bill at all. That's bunkum. The real choice is whether we do what it takes to stop the climate crisis or whether we lock in failure by sandbagging the old polluting economy instead of driving a real transformation.

passing on my message, you will help the Greens to move Australia towards meaningful climate action.

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Authorised by Australian Greens Senators Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Rachel Siewert, Scott Ludlam and Sarah Hanson-Young, Parliament House Canberra, 2600

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