Sunday, 23 August 2009

Listen here to Dianne Stokes telling the story of Muckaty,
Kalumpurla north of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory
Another time and another blog I wrote about the nuclear dump situation and the fact that Muckaty near Tennant Creek was one of the possibities. That was in 2007 and over two years have gone by. Still no decision has been made. One is left to presume that this is one for the too hard basket. And why? The Rudd Government certainly has a lot on its Aboriginal plate:
  • Navigating the road to the re-introduction of the Racial Discrimination Act - in spite of the fact it wants to carry out policies and activities which breach it.
  • A visit from Professor James Anaya, United Nations Human Rights rapporteur.
  • Failed Aboriginal Housing Policy under the SIHIP program
  • Rebellion from significant Aboriginal members of the Northern Territory ALP, both in and out of Parliament, leaving the NT Government on a knife edge.
The Rudd Government said this week it will announce its decision prior to the next Federal election (...even if it's an early one?) and, it appears, it is quite prepared to over-ride any decision that the NT Government might be inclined to make to halt a nuclear waste dump being placed in the NY.


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