Monday, 31 August 2009

Doctor's order: how do you get your medication in the bush?

This picture comes from here
We will from time to time, Networkers, hear of shortages of doctors in regional, rural and remote Australia.  How often do you hear of the availability of pharmacists in these same areas?  

So much is taken for granted in the urban populations which dominate our political processes.  But out there, at the back of beyond, there are people - people who are citizens just like the urban populace but who have a difficult time accessing the most basic of services to which they should have an entitlement.  Unsung in this battle for services is access to having prescribed medication in the community in which you live.

You can get insights into this issue if you read the experience of Robbo over at Biting the Dust.  Robbo is in such a remote area it is not even one of the dots on the map above.  .

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