Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Flood reflections : Qld's Commission of Inquiry : Articles : Donate #qldfloods #ozfloods


It is time for reflection about floods.  In Queensland, Anna Bligh has announced a Commission of Inquiry to forensically examine Queensland's unprecedented flood disaster. Download the Terms of Reference below.

It is not only Queensland who is reflecting. Over at On Line Opinion they are in reflective mood too with the offering of articles below:

An historians view of floods in the Brisbane area.
Environment - Yvonne Perkins - posted 17/1/2011

Queensland's floods may set a new high 
for Australian influence on international economies.
Economics - Harry Flashman - posted 17/1/2011

No matter how flooded citizens in a wealthy country are,
 national wealth will still keep them pretty dry.
Economics - Brian Holden - posted 17/1/2011

The left has been infected by a Green religion 
which is alien to it so that it opposes progress and the tools of progress.
Political Philosophy - Barry York - posted 17/1/2011

Queensland officials need to set 
the right precedents as they begin work - 
advice from the man who rebuilt New Orleans.
Nation Building - Edward Blakely - posted 17/1/2011

If global warming is happening 
it bears no blame for the Queensland floods.
Environment - Cliff Ollier - posted 17/1/2011

Why everything you thought you knew 
about the economic consequences of disasters is wrong.
Economics - Henry Thornton - posted 17/1/2011

Queensland needs a State Priorities Commission 
so that we don't waste the opportunities 
this flood gives us to fix mistakes.
Domestic Politics - Scott Prasser - posted 17/1/2011

Many Brisbane home-owners were lured 
into buying flood prone property 
because owners didn't have to disclose they had been flooded.
Law and Liberties - Tim O'Dwyer - posted 17/1/2011

In the eye of the flood 
Last Tuesday morning in Brisbane 

something interesting started to happen. 
People started talking ...
Society - Susan Prior - posted 18/1/2011

My right, my risk and my land
Government has no business stopping building

on flood prone land, 
but they have a duty to make the risks clear.
Economics - Viv Forbes - posted 18/1/2011

PPP has never been more necessary
To get back on its feet 

at the right price in the right timeframe, 
Queensland will need public private partnerships.
Economics - Brad Vann - posted 18/1/2011

Government should rethink priorities to deal with flood region
Australia needs to redirect funds from wasteful projects, 

like the Afghanistan War, to mitigate flood damage.
Domestic Politics - Ben Hillier - posted 18/1/2011

But while the emphasis is on the Queensland floods which have been huge, widespread, costly, and dramatic, northern NSW and northern Victoria and northern Tasmania have each their own story to tell and their own reflections to make. And, in all the reflection, please don't forget to donate to the Queensland flood relief appeal - and Anna Bligh thinks we may to do it more than once. I know of no flood relief appeals for other states. If there are appeals for communities in other states, please let me know.

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