Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Network welcomes its 10,000th Networker to-day.

Back on 9 May 2009, I commenced this blog with this post.
To-day, the blog welcomes its 10,000th visitor.

The 10,000th visitor
came to The Network at 4.46.24pm
from somewhere in Melbourne, Victoria.
The Networker came in on a Google search
with the terms John Brumby Collingwood
which took them to this post.
Please come back again.

When I re-read the initial post written over twelve months ago, I don't know how well I have stuck to my original intentions or how much I have deviated from them.  I leave that to you, dear Networkers, to judge.  The blog has suffered from my own vicissitudes of health and busy-ness.

I had hoped that somehow this blog might become a co-operative effort with a lot of postings by numerous bloggers each day.  That dream has not eventuated.  Perhaps one day it will and, if co-operation succeeds, this blog will have truly become The Network.

You see I love the idea of co-operation and working together with others on projects and achieving goals together and sharing the trials and the tribulations but also having plenty of boon companions to celebrate with and help consume the champagne and the Bundy Rum.

A couple of very special thank-yous must go to my good friends and best blogging buddies Belinda and Denis and Steve.  There is so much to learn from these three - Belinda and her urban homesteading and growing and preserving and transition; Denis and his vast knowledge of natural history - birds and plants and his addiction to ground orchids.  Steve is in far away South Africa and he and I share theological and ecological interests.  We have been internet friends since before most of us had heard of  blogs. Our friendship began when I joined a missiological email group that Steve ran for SAMS.  These are friends who travel the same wavelengths and I appreciate them as companions on The Way.

Thank you, Networkers, one and all.  
Let's keep the connectedness going.

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