Saturday, 21 August 2010


Julia Gillard arrives to chants and cheers at 11.14pm.  

"People have spoken and it will take a while to figure out what they have said"  - Bill Clinton, she quoted.

Julia singles out the independents for special mention and congratulations.

Conventions ensure that Julia will be enabled to govern until the outcome of the election is known.

She acknowledges the  election of Independents and The Green member of Parliament.  She says she believes in respecting the role of every member of the House of Representatives including the Independents and The Green member.

Julia acknowledges and congratulates Tony Abbott for the role he has played.

She goes on to acknowledge the belief of the trade union movement in fairness and decency - and the ability to get and hold a job and make a life on the basis of it.
  • Labor has returned the fairness and decency at work that Australians should be able to expect.
  • Labor has continued to fight for Australian jobs.
  • Labor believes every child is entitled to a great education.
In this campaign, Julia says, we have continued in the great tradition of the Labor Party to receive the health care we deserve.  The ALP is an optimistic party.  The best days are in front and not behind us.  In this campaign, ALP has fought for a better plan - broadband network, climate change, dealing with the future, building a better nation together.

Julia acknowledged those who have fought alongside her.  She acknowledged her own staff and Karl Bitar and those he has lead in Campaign HQ, and the Campaign Reference Group.  Julia then thanked every candidate and member involved in the campaign. She acknowledged those who are not being returned to the Parliament as well as those who have kept the faith.

Julia said we do not know the outcome, and there are anxious days ahead, fighting for the positive plan for the Nation's future, and the fight to form a government in this country for decent jobs, decent education, that people will never fear for health care nor their rights at work.

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