Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sheryle Moon, Tobacco Corporates and the Corridors of Infamy

The death-mongers are at it again.  Nothing must go unchallenged when it comes to cigarette smoking, it seems.  British American Tobacco Australia and Philip Morris Australia are hiding behind the skirts of a woman, namely one Sheryle Moon, in a trumped-up tricked-out organisation called the Alliance of Australian Retailers.  Now, I will bet this brand new organisation is not a registered organisation of employers as other retailers organisations tend to be.  Perhaps this one should be registered as a political party - and is it on the Federal Government's list of lobbyists?

For information on tobacco companies operating in Australia, please go here

Whenever I think of British American Tobacco Australia, I think of the drawn, ill face of Rolah McCabe and the images of her children in all that followed and flowed from that dreadful court case.  

Russell Crowe as Jeffrey Wigand in The Insider

And when one thinks of corporate creeps, who can forget The Insider starring Russell Crowe as Jeffrey Wigand.  Go to this link (pdf format) to read the May 1996 Vanity Fair article (original VF format with ads, etc) that was the basis for the movie.  Or...better still go to Jeffrey Wigand's own site where you will see that the campaign goes on still.

Lastly, a few words for Sheryle Moon.  You too will enter the Hall of Fame - or should I say the Corridors of Infamy.  You will be remembered as the woman who could not respect Rolah McCabe.  You will be remembered as someone who followed in the footsteps of Clayton Utz and the shredded documents.  You will be seen as someone who respects only money and your own fifteen minutes of whatever and who disrepects life.  You have made your bed, courtesy of a free society, with the purveyors of death and destruction.  You have nailed your colours and the colours of a fake organisation in a civil society to your mast.  What a legacy, Sheryle!

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