Thursday, 5 August 2010

Remember the River Red Gums and their need for realistic water allocations

From Kelly at Environment Victoria ----

Please sign our online petition and help secure environmental water for our River Red Gum forest wetlands.

In early July, new Victorian River Red Gum National and regional parks were declared along the Murray, Goulburn and Ovens Rivers. A magnificent contribution to conservation in Victoria.

Yet these recently protected Red Gum forest wetlands are dying for a drink. The state government hasn’t allocated them any water to survive (incredible, I know!)  Their loss – for want of a decent drink – would be tragic.

We need a plan to safeguard our rivers and wetlands by getting more water into them. It’s time for the state government to listen to voters.

Here’s your chance to send a strong message to all political parties while they are listening.  Tell them that it’s their shout! Give our new River Red Gum National and regional parks a guaranteed, secure environmental water entitlement.

The River Red Gum floodplain ecosystems sustain species like the Intermediate Egret, the Southern Bell Frog, the Slender Darling Pea and the Trout Cod. But these creatures are having a hard time of it, because the rivers and floodplains they depend upon have not had a good drink of water for over a decade.

Sign the online petition and join us in our call for the next state government to ensure a reliable, secure and adequate water allocation for delivery to for the Red Gum forests, rivers and wetlands by 2012.

Together we can Rescue Our Rivers. And don’t forget to send this email to your friends to help spread the word.

Yours sincerely

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Kelly and the Team at Environment Victoria
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