Saturday, 9 May 2009

She blinded me with science (but this blog won't)

Thomas Dolby's muscial contribution has been regarded as a one hit wonder.  Hopefully, in the hands of this busy blogger, that won't happen to this blog.  However.......

though this blog will have an environmental focus, it will never try to blind you with know-it-all science.  That will be left for others to do.  My eyes glaze over when discussion turns to so many parts per million and emission trading schemes - so my guess is that yours do too, dear Reader.

So here we will be talking about the basic necessities of human existence: fresh air, clean accessible water, secure and safe food sources, a heritage for our kids, peace with our neighbours, sustainable and sustaining livelihoods, and things to keep healthy minds and healthy spirits in healthy bodies.  

In short, this blog will be about down-to-earth human existence not for the future but right now in our day-to-day lives.  So this blog will talk about ordinary, get your hands dirty, get movin' sort of stuff.  And I hope you will join with lots comments and contributions and getting and keeping in touch.  This blog is also about build a network or, I hope, a net community.

Can we do a deal?  
I'll do my best to do my bit - can you do your best to do yours and tell me about it.


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