Monday, 2 August 2010


The Dingoes are back on track with their Tracks tour doing the rounds this month.  Check here for dates of their gigs.  However, for the Saturday gig on 7 August, please do some double checking.  Dingoes are listed for Meeninyan but a woman called ABC Radio 774 and told Red Symons this morning that a sign was seen in Ruby's at Belgrave last night that The Dingoes will be there.  Ruby's site doesn't say.  Last minute change of plans???  Better check before deciding or traipsing all the way to Meeninyan to find Belgrave would have been the better choice.
Miss Eagle 
snuggling with Barrowless Boy
- one beautiful domesticated dingo

Miss Eagle - and a few others - were over at Eltham on Saturday for a snap demo against the Northern Territory Intervention and Jenny Macklin who we had been told would be campaigning in Eltham Square

Enjoying relaxed refreshment in Eltham Square
was Julie Fechner of Dingo Care Network
with Barrowless and Shiralee.
I had heard about these people and their dingoes over at Eltham and the controversies surrounding Australia's own native dog so I got into conversation with Julie.  I asked if I could take Julie's photograph and she agreed.  She then insisted that she take one of me.  I was most reluctant since the dog didn't know me.  I was a stranger.  But that was no problem as you can see.  Beautiful, beautiful animals.  And as you can see, Julie and friends do a lot of work to restore confidence in the the beauty and value of the dingo.  

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