Tuesday, 10 August 2010

OZ ELECTION 2010 : Senate group voting tickets : Consider your preferences

OK, Networkers, we are coming down to the wire for Australian Election 2010 on 21 August.  Some of us will be enthusiastically voting for the candidate/party of our choice.  Some of us will be unenthusiastically voting for a candidate/party not from any real sense of choice but because we are actually voting against someone.  I'm in that latter category. Enthusiasm is somewhat dimmed but the fire burns brightly to say who I don't want - and I have to say that I don't want MisteRRabbit as PM or cluttering up The Lodge and Kirribilli either.

Now the Senate is going to be the issue for some of us - not all.  Most of us will probably take the line of least resistance and put a ONE in the box above the line for the party/group of choice and never care a flying fig for where the parties have placed their preference nor for what backroom deals have been done.  And then there are some of us who agonise, who want to pick our own preferences and we clutter up the polling places with our huge ballot papers before us, pencils in our hands, conscientiously filling in every square - being careful of course too fill in every square and not to lose count or put two 51s and therefore invalidate our vote.

So if you want to know who is who in the electoral zoo and what preference deals have been done in smoky, dimly lit backrooms in the capital cities of the nation do I have the info for you.

Group voting tickets are available on the AEC website here for each state.  Below are the parties and people on the Victorian Senate ticket.  I have provided links to all the parties.  While individual states and territories will vary, most of these links will be useful wherever you vote.  

Glenn Shea (could not locate a website)
(could not locate a website - link is to a newspaper interview)
(The last two share the same link because they are husband and wife)
Jenny Warfe

There are sixty boxes to be filled if you wish to express your preferences individually instead of above the line - so, individualistic Networkers, you have your homework.  Get crackin'!
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