Sunday, 22 August 2010


11.48pm and Tony Abbott has arrived.

Tony Abbott said:

To-night is a night for pride in our achievements - above all else measured reflection is needed of the magnitude of the task ahead.

No triumphalism - a great night for the Australian people.

Thanks Australian people for their commitment to this great democracy.  Thanks the enthusiastic, still chanting, crowd.  He loves them for their enthusiasm.  Has to say he feels humbled at the responsibilities that might lie ahead - and the efforts around the country.  Thanks Allan Stockdale and Brian Loughnane.  Thx to Julie Bishop and Joe Hockey for the economic plans brought forward, and his own staff.

It has been a team effort. Tony is the Leader but it is a team effort and it is a very strong team.  Thanks all candidates of whichever party on their election.  Lower House, for the first time in its history, has an indigenous member. It looks likely that the first ever indigenous member will be a Liberal member. Tony wants to encourage all candidates still in contention and wants to commiserate with all who have lost their seat, whatever party they represent. Thanks supporters of all political parties without whom we would not have a great democracy.

Acknowledges, (to boos), Julia Gillard.
Acknowledges Australian people as arbiters of all policies and that we must always respect their judgement.
Acknowledges caretaker conventions.

Says Labor has lost its majority to cheers of "Tony: "Tony" and says that the government has lost its legitimacy. Says that the government will never be able to govern in minority.

Great fact tonight is that 400,000 more Australians voted for the Coalition than for Labor.  Labor has obtained lowest vote of any government party since the Second World War.

Tony then went on to articulate the Liberal Party core policies.  People have just not responded to policies taken to election.  People have rejected factionalism in all its forms.  It has been a referendum on the execution of a Prime Minister.  Should never be characterised by the knock on the door at midnight by the faceless men of the ALP factions.

Liberal Party and National Party back in business standing ready, willing and able to offer competent government.

Man y, many, cheers.

Thanks and acknowledges his family.  (The women of his family are all dressed in black.  Why?)
Chants of Tony, Tony!

Thanks electors of Warringah over seven elections. Thanks for support to him and candidates across the country.  Asks crowd to spare a thought for those who don't feel victorious.  The election is about our country and to offer Australia a better government which it deserves.  Pledges his public life to this great end.

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