Friday, 6 August 2010


Further to the post of last week about Jason Wood and his people causing problems when they were wrongfully handing out political literature on railway premises, one of Jason Wood's people was handing out political material - this time on  rail premises of Belgrave Railway Station in the Dandenong Ranges.

What is it that this Liberal Party MP and his helpers do not understand about the law of the land and its obligations?  As was pointed out last week, Wood is proud to air his police credentials but is quite surprised to find the law enforced upon him and his people.

To explain it to the Liberal Party folks of the ever so marginal electorate of La Trobe (Jason is holding on by .51%, remember), the applicable law is the Transport (Conduct) Regulations 2005.

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But Miss Eagle can make it even simpler than this and break it down into the relevant component parts.

Number 1
Regulation 19.
This regulation provides for a penalty of $584.10 per offence if any person distributes printed material on rail premises without authorisation from Metro.

Number 2
Regulation 33.
This regulation provides for a penalty of $1,168.20 per office if anyone creates an obstruction on rail premises.

Number 3
Regulation 54 (3)
This regulation provides for a penalty of $1,168.20 if any person does not leave rail premises when requested by police or Authorised Officers.

And further to these regulations there is
Number 4
There is good old British Common Law.
Under Common Law there is the wonderful tort of Trespass.
What Trespass in this context would amount to is this.  If our recalcitrant hander-outer (and he would not leave until - surprise, surprise - Metro staff went to call the police) had remained on the premises of Belgrave Railway Station after the staff had asked him to leave, this amounts to trespass.

To put it in plain English: the staff of the legal entity responsible for railway property - namely Metro - asked the hander-outer to leave.  The staff had a legal right and legal protection so to do.  The person in question refused to leave.  This then meant the hander-outer was committing trespass. Time to call the cops.

Now perhaps because Jason Wood was once a policeman, no one has ever explained to him the fact that the Transport (Conduct) Regulations 2005 exist and govern conduct on rail premises.  Perhaps no one has ever explained to Jason Wood the law of trespass believing that, as a former law enforcement officer, he would be familiar with this ancient transgression.

So, Networkers, I ask for your help.  Jason's electorate office is listed as 
Unit 3, 16 Langmore Lane, Berwick Vic 3806

Now I don't expect to be around Berwick in the foreseeable future.  Do you think, dear Networkers, you could print this post out and pop it under his door.  It might help to keep the poor love and his helpers out of the clutches of Metro and the law until after August 21 and the election is all done and dusted.

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