Thursday, 5 August 2010

Crown Casino Creep.....and creeps

I have this feeling that one day Melbourne won't be called Melbourne any more.  We will wake up to find we are now called Crown Casino City.  You see, Networkers, we live in a state whose government is addicted to the proceeds of gambling in a big, big way.  This same government gives every appearance that it is unable to say no to James Packer and gives Packer everything he wants or thinks he needs.

Not yet, though.  Looks like we're into Casino Creep - this time absorbing in a creep by creep fashion some of the public area on the Southbank promenade.   I guess all this public space not producing a dollar is a bit to much for the money hungry ones to bear.  They don't gived a you-name-it for people - just mustn't impede the rush of the almighty $ into their hands.

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