Thursday, 12 August 2010


Denis from over at The Nature of Robertson advises as follows:

I have been advised (no names, deliberately) that the Gas companies are swarming all around the Coonamble and Narrabri area.

But the Council is not even advising (warning) the local residents.
"We were all so stunned when Santos suddenly announced they were testing here -
and when we asked them why they'd not given us notice of this, they told us that they'd advised our Councils back in April!!   
The Councils hadn't told us.   And a friend of mine who is over near Narrabri and has had terrible trouble with Eastern Star Gas (they blew up his bore) - said Narrabri Council are just terrible.  
He said they LOVE ESG and keep saying how wonderful they are for the district."
Those comments were prompted by a comment of mine about another Shire Council Mayor having been given some $30,000 by another mining company for access rights to his property, whereas "regular landholders" have been offered figures between $300 and $1000 for the same access rights. Needless to say, the Council voiced no opposition to gas exploration in that Shire. There, and I didn't even mention the word "bribe" did I, simply reported "differential payments"?

and Judy Sheedy advises:

Dear All

Meeting information for Wed next week.  Please forward onto all of your networks, encouraging people to attend and to rsvp (as we need numbers for catering).

FYI – We are having a legal lunch from 12:30 – 1:30pm as well with Peter Shannon, so if you know of any lawyers who may be interested let them know.  I will have that flyer available in the morning.


Judi Sheedy
NSW Farmers Association Mining Taskforce
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