Friday, 13 August 2010

Greg Rudd speaking out about our political system. Do we want it his way?

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Greg Rudd is at it again - talking sense about Australian politics and the Australian political system.  I posted when he last sounded off and I have a regular stream of visits to this postPlease go here for Greg Rudd's suggestions about giving Australia a real political fix - not the narcotic dull your senses kind.

Now I don't know how exactly we get from where we are now to Greg Rudd's nirvana without political discord, jockeying and ending up with still more politicians.  I don't want to see a technocratic dictatorship - seems a bit like what they have in China and I am sure Australians wouldn't find a lot to interest them in that.

There is a lot to be said for having people run certain areas who actually know what they are doing - but there will still be debate on details even if people agree on what the end result should be.  Because of the human condition, I don't see how jockeying for position and using nefarious methods to win against opponents will be eradicated from any system. And, finally, Greg Rudd doesn't mention how we - as individuals and communities - get to have some self-determination and input in his system.

We supposedly have a democratic system whereby individuals and communities can have input.  This always was difficult but politicians have become smarter and smarter at heading us off while pretending to listen to us.  Increasingly, I feel like sheep.  

We are mustered into the drafting yard and then headed off for various purposes.  

If, Networkers, you have ever seen this happen in real life you will recognise the skills as someone sits atop the gates opening and shutting them quickly to separate the sheep - who have been forced, almost single file, to move down into a narrow race - into different yards.

Politicians only want our input every three years and we are now in the middle of the triennial narrow race - after which the process becomes one of skillful manipulation into different sectors to minimise the risk of infecting each other.

Better way of doing the political process?  
Yes, please.  

Don't know.

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