Saturday, 21 August 2010


This came through a few minutes ago from Six Degrees who got it from Andrew Bartlett, the former Democrat running for the Greens in  the seat of Brisbane. The Liberal National Party, he says, are handing these out in the seat of Ryan in Brisbane.  Sandra Bayley is running there.

Dirty tricks, do you think, Networkers - or just somewhat shop-soiled.

Here is the party who won't agree that there is climate change, yet alone human induced climate change and it is having a go at Labor who tried to do something.

From Twitter:
Greens accused Liberal and Labor volunteers in Brisbane seats of Ryan and Blair of distributing Fake Green how-to-vote cards #ausvotes
Miss Eagle put this up at 5.35pm.  Posted by Aus2010 four hours ago.

Here, dear Networkers, is a Labor MP looking for Green preferences in an election that is predicted to be close. This MP claims he deserves consideration for what he has done for the environment.  I have no complaints about this.  This is a clear pitch for the member for Lindsay (western Sydney), David Bradbury.

You will note the world of difference between this how-to-vote ticket and one being handed out in Ryan - and, I believe, Blair.  I consider Bradbury's pitch ethical.  The first one, clearly, is not.

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