Friday, 27 August 2010

Emperor Abbott has an option of his own: dumb-thumb down for mayhem and malarkey!

I give you a scenario, Networkers.  Tony Abbott is the emperor - clad in white toga, wreath of olive leaves and all.  There he is sitting above the arena.  The mob are all around.  The gladiators are doing what it is that gladiators need to do down in the arena.  

Abbott the emperor has to make a decision - 
thumb up, thumb down.

I am beginning to suspect that Abbot will give a dumb-thumb down decision.  
  • I don't think the Liberals want an inclusive, warm and fuzzy model of government.  
  • I don't think the Liberals are into information sharing.  
  • I certainly don't think the Liberals want consensus government.
You see there is another little-covered option in the hung parliament situation.  This is the option of game wrecker, mayhem maker.  

At this stage, I hold the view that Abbott and his Liberals are certainly leaning to - if not actually have chosen - the option of wreckage.  This means that unless the Liberals have a clear shot at government - and we know that if they get that now, then it will only be held until 1 July 2011 - they will make all the trouble that is needed to get Australians back to the polls.  

In  short, it is likely that Abbot & Co have chosen destabilization even at this stage.  If this is the case, then it could equal Gough Whitlam's concept of "crash through or crash" in zest, hubris, and bloody-mindedness.

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