Saturday, 21 August 2010


Interested in ensuring a Balance of Power for The Greens?

The important thing to remember is that the Balance of Power in the Senate will only come if the Liberals/National Party and the Australian Labor Party disagree - and the Senators voted in to-day will not take office until 1 July 2011.  So if there is a hung Parliament in the House of Representatives, the status quo -- with Steve Fielding still in place - will prevail in the Senate until 30 June 2011.   

While many people claim to long for a bipartisanship of yesteryear, I would remind Networkers that there is bipartisanship - a very unpalatable bipartisanship - between the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal and National Parties:
  • The Intervention
  • Giving taxpayer funding to wealthy private schools and dragging the chain on public school funding
  • Funding school chaplains which, in the main, are Christian. Where is the secular public space in schools?
  • Keeping troops in Afghanistan
These are just a few.  

In the House of Representatives, there will be no Balance of Power unless there is a hung Parliament.  There are already three independents who have Liberal/National Party backgrounds in the Reps and there is no reason to think that they will not be re-elected.  

They claim that, in the event of a hung Parliament, they will meet to decide whom they will support.  Unless big, big deals are done my bet is that they will support the Liberal/National Party coalition.  But time will tell.  They just might approve of the Stimulus Package impact (as the Liberal and National Parties don't)  and Labor might be able to give the recognition these independents will want for rural and regional Australia.  

And, if Adam Bandt, is elected into a hung Parliament - which is a distinct possibility - then this will be another  card to be dealt.  I think it is clear that Bandt would support a Labor Government.

So, Networkers, if you are voting for a perceived Balance of Power to-day, please think carefully.  It is a phrase easily cast about - but not always given much thought.

Senator Bob Brown with the two Victorian Greens likely to get elected to-day:
Richard di Natale (lead Senate Candidate) and Adam Bandt (Melbourne).

From Twitter:
Richard Di Natale RichardDiNatale
Handing out at Errol St Primary School Nth Melb next to Lindsay Tanner. Just wished him all the best for his retirement.

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