Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Call the Houses of Parliament to debate: all members & senators should join the debate

When the AEC - and any Courts of Disputed Returns - has settled who is going to be whom in our Federal Parliament, can the first action be the convening of Parliament to debate how its members see Parliament being able to operate in an optimal fashion from hereon?

No vote should be taken.  However, members and senators should be able to speak freely on the proviso that there are no recriminations, and no axes being ground.  The position of Speaker could be shared across knowledgable members across the Houses on this occasion.

At the moment, only certain members have a public voice on what they wish.  Not a lot different from the usual situation where only ministers and shadow ministers get a public voice.  We are not hearing what private members of the parties think.  Now, I don't think we need a cacophony - but we do need to hear many more voices.

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