Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Environment Victoria activism : Election fever awareness : Walk Against Warming Promotion

Amanda handing out material at Blackburn Station
..... and please do your bit.

To-day was a busy day for Environment Victoria campaigners.  There is a Federal election on as we all know on 21 August.  Election fever is in full swing - and it is a good season for increasing environmental awareness and pressing home to the politicians and the general public the need for good management and good decisions.  

In addition, Victoria heads for the polls on November 24.  So this is a time for hard work and activity and making known the environmental needs of Victoria.  Water is high on the list - water for the environment. Government making good and enlightened decisions about water - instead of the mish-mash of political opportunism that has seen the mismanagement of water in Victoria for far too long.

Amelia and Trier in action.  Response was great.  Thank you, Blackburn!

After the hand-outs on the coming and going sides of Blackburn Railway Station in competition with former Mitcham MP and current Liberal Candidate, Phil Barrresi, it was over to Tony Robinson's conveniently situated office where the drivers of Blackburn pleased us greatly with their honking support.  We wish Tony could please us as well as his constituents do with some responsive and responsible action both in his electorate and with his parliamentary colleagues on water and environmental matters.  

Miss Eagle with the "I care"  bubble

And then it was off to City Square, to do my bit to assist in the promotion of the Walk Against Warming.  EV put a whole new slant on the publicity and we attracted the ABC, Channel 9, The Age and a wire service.  So be watching.  The star of the show was five and half (I'm nearly six, you know) Finlay.  The camera personnel loved him and he performed accordingly.  We are considering looking for a manager for him now. And here we are......

All in all - a fun and rewarding day.
Let's hope it contributes to putting the environment and climate change
on a better course.
See you all at the Walk on Warming.
You can do it in the Melbourne CBD.
You can do it in the seat of Mitcham.
You can do it in the seat of La Trobe. 
Just click this link.

PS: Thursday morning.  Over at ABC Environment they have this beaut picture of our Finlay:

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