Monday, 30 August 2010

Australian Government: shall we auction it on E-Bay or is it already in the hands of a two-up school?

Networkers, in case you think my proposal  (which you will find here) to give all elected representatives an open Parliamentary forum, without a vote, to discuss how they see Parliament operating, look at what is happening now.

The Nationals are now nagging Abbott for what they want if the Coalition sits on the government benches.

With all that is going on, we might as well put Parliament on the ebay and sell out to the highest and most convenient bidder.

At least Adam Bandt has been clear.  Wilkie is becoming clearer.  Crook, almost certainly, will not support Labor.  So that much is clear.  The three country independents were/are full of good intentions - but the constant media coverage of their doings and thinkings was bound to get up the nose of some and turn others green with envy at all that gratuitous publicity.

Why then can we not hear from one and all 
of those elected to the Australian Parliament 
in a dignified and coherent manner in a legitimate forum?

Australia and the way we are governed risks being brought into disrepute - as if we can roll a dice here, seek some undertakings there, get to the bureaucratic briefing bottom of things and it will all turn out OK.

The situation is beginning to look like a parliamentary two-up game - but I don't think this game is going to favour either the house or the spectators.  The players are have an all-in while the pennies could be weighted and the kip skew-iff - and all in the hands of a dodgy tosser.

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