Saturday, 28 August 2010

Trouble at mill, it seems - the Wonthaggi Water Desalination mill

The wisdom and knowledge (or lack of both?) behind the Brumby Governmen'ts management of water resources is in question once again.  My own view is that Brumby and his mob fell for the great desal sell.  The government is still a boys club in the main and boys like techy toys.  What better techy toy than the fifth biggest desalination plant in the world?  And for signing up I am sure we will find there are post-politics benefits for the major political and bureaucratic players?  After all, if the Brumby government can put a representative of a major water industry player on to a State Government water authority i.e. Coliban Water, things can always work the other way around, don't you think?

Trouble is Brumby and the mob can't tell good advice when they see it. They are blinkered to polls and trying to obtain the least level of reaction among the voters.  Certainly they did not want to listen to the bright sparks of Watershed Victoria, the Basscoast Boardriders Club, and Clean Ocean Foundation.  And they didn't even want to take notice of their very own environmental information.

Alas, poor taxpayers?
That  drink of water will cost you more -
when it need not!

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