Sunday, 13 June 2010

Travel by ship : The Theory of Anyway : Vote on Jarrod's dilemma

Over on Facebook, Jarrod McKenna has posed a question.  Jarrod asks:

Q. What do u think of flying in light of climate change? 
Yep, I want 2 hear ur thoughts be u 
an activist, nurse, teacher, theologian, student or garbo [wo]man... 
What do u think/do?

I have made a couple of responses which probably look and sound like a prude giving Jarrod a hard time.  So I thought I would make my views properly.  

Now, I remembered that Arthur Boyd hated air travel.  He would travel between the UK and Australia by ship and, I think, he used cargo ships - the sort that take about 12 passengers.  So I googled to confirm this memory but discovered something far better.

The Wood family are out of a long ago past of mine.  Stephanie is a wonderful foodie and journalist and runs one Australia's best blogs which certainly lives up to its name elegant sufficiency.  On occasion, her father - Peter Wood who with his twin brother Bill used to be an ALP member of Parliament in Queensland in the dreadful Bjelke Petersen years - strays into the blog and I discovered one of Peter's perambulations right here.

Networkers you must read this travelogue of a shipboard journey from Australia to the UK.  It is a classic.  In fact, Peter, I think Stephanie ought to take to scriptwriting and do the movie with you as technical adviser  It is life on another planet in a manner beyond comprehension in this day and age.  I wonder what the P&O carbon footprint was back in the 1950's.  What did they do with the waste?  And then there was all the cigarette smoke!

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