Monday, 21 June 2010

Sarah Hanson-Young damages the ALP protest vote on Q & A to-night.

On to-night's Q &A the panellists have been
Now Graham Richardson is not infallible.  He does occasionally get things wrong.  But, for the most part, Graham knows what he is talking about when he is speaking of politics.  To-night, it has been interesting to see him tie up in knots Sarah Hanson-Young.  Sarah is usually in fine form. I have heard her speak in person.  Was she not well to-night?  She looked really pale.

Graham Richardson and Craig Emerson brought out the absolutism of The Greens and how uncompromising the current crop of Greens can be when compared with times past.  For me, some good friends are Greens and I have helped them out at election time.  I have cast quite a few protest votes The Greens way with my No. 1 vote.  

To-night, Sarah Hanson-Young lost me good and proper when Richardson challenged her with whether Green preferences would put Tony Abbott in The Lodge.  She hedged, she dodged but the question was put simply and directly to her again and again.  She kept saying that how people cast their preference votes was the individual's business.  In the end Richardson said to her "Well, then - The Greens will not be directing preferences.".  Sarah Hanson-Young denied that The Greens would not direct preferences.  Slam dunk to Richardson!

Sarah - in case you haven't learned a valuable political lesson to-night, then I want to point it out most strongly to you.  Being on the same program as Graham Richardson will always be dangerous territory for the inexperienced.  In the world of The Greens you might come across as a clever, bright Senator.  In the Graham Richardson world of are you or aren't you; is it or isn't it - you lost good and proper.  And you lost a vote that I thought was going to The Greens this year.

And Sarah, I live in a very marginal ALP electorate and even was part of an action outside this Labor Member's office recently organised by Environment Victoria and The Wilderness Society.  Shucks, Sarah.  You just gave him my vote.  I don't want Abbott in The Lodge.

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