Wednesday, 16 June 2010

State of Origin 2 : Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane - The Cauldron : #17

66th Minute
Darius Boyd has a great run!

Maroons in possession.

Are the Blues heading for whitewash or what?!?

A glimpse of the Maroons bench.
One looks at what is on the field.
One looks at what is on the bench.
Which to choose for talent?

To Qld I think.
Maroons in possession.
Commentator says Mexican wave has started.
Not for the Blues I suspect!!!!!!!!!

Commentator says:
When you have the Mexican wave with 10 mins to go -
you know you are in trouble.

Israel Folau in there again!
Beautiful Israel!
You won't be forgotten!

I don't know what is happening!
The Berger Syndrome has taken over - 
The Maroons, and at the moment Israel Folau,
just keep on keeping on.

Are the Maroons just enjoying themselves, do you think?

73rd minute

Oh, NSW! Start singing the blues.

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