Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tony Hayward: no WInston Churchill. More like King Canute failing to turn back the tide.

Believe it or not, Miss Eagle does try not to rush in where angels fear to tread.  For that reason, I have not previously commented on the great environmental and economic disaster that is BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico otherwise known as the Macondo Blowout.

If a nation of 310 million people cannot get their heads around this crisis in liaison with a major international corporation worth in excess of 100 or 200 billion dollars - depending on how or when you do the counting - then how is a humble far away Aussie going to throw any light on the subject.

However, to-day was a bit much even for me.  

Europeans feeling the economic pinch, which started in the good ol' USofA, must feel reallly chuffed when they read of the J P Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.  Have the Greeks and the Spaniards been told of this?  Why doesn't J.P. Morgan try holding this race in the Mediterranean?

When ya cash is excess and ya have to impress, wotcha gunna do?  
Buy a yacht, dear Tony, buy a yacht.

There's a yacht in the boat race, dear Tony, dear Tony.
There's a yacht in the boat race,
dear Tony, there's a yacht.

But I needed a life dear Miss Eagle, Miss Eagle,
I needed my life back, dear Miss Eagle,
Just my life.

When Tony took over as CEO back on 1 May 2007, it is clear what his thoughts were about his position and what he had to do. Clearly, Tony had no idea that in every way, and on every day, every buck to do with BP stops with him - whether he likes it or not; whether he comprehends it or not; whether he wants a life or not. 

Let me spell it out for you, Tony.  Now is the time to pretend you are Winston Churchill.  And Tony you are looking anything but Churchillian.  You are looking more like King Canute.failing to turn back the tide.  

One could ask what the Public Affairs department at BP is up to?  But perhaps they are giving good advice and you still haven't got  clue.  Sometimes people, even otherwise intelligent people, don't get certain things.  Perhaps you are in the "just don't get it" brigade.  So remember, it would not be a good idea to run for elected office in any part of the world just yet.  I am spelling this out because, Tony, it seems there are things you just don't get yet - and you are showing all the signs of never ever getting it.  

So - instructions are:
 cease and desist from all present activity or lack of activity because you have mucked it up.  

The Board would probably like to get rid of you but you have poisoned the chalice and you might as well keep holding it instead of contaminating any one else - and The Board clearly believe the tide will turn.  Pun intended and unfunny!

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