Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jesus burned down to the ground : Jesus heart all burning: Beware Catholic nostalgia rampant

A statue of Jesus has burned down in the USA.

Now the woman doing the voice over on the news item on Channel 10 sounded a bit surprised at this.  Must have been a Protestant!  No Catholic would have been shocked - at least none with a devout pre-Vatican II upbringing like Miss Eagle and The Director.

You see, dear Networker who may never have heard any of the following, there is a strong, steady, still extant devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The devotion is deep.  The devotion is broad.  As I will explain.  Let's start with the Holy Picture.  The word icon had not entered the Australian Irish-Catholic pre-Vatican II lexicon.

Behold this Heart which has loved men so much, 
and yet men do not want to love Me in return. 
Through you,
 My divine Heart wishes 
to spread its love everywhere on earth."-
(Please note: 
inclusive language was not 
a consideration when Jesus visited Sr M.M.)

The feast of the Sacred Heart was on 
10 June 2010 just past
so, dear Networkers, 
you have missed that opportunity.
Not to worry though.
The whole month of June is the
Month of the Sacred Heart -
so you still have plenty of time
to go at it hammer and tongs.

And when Miss Eagle says  hammer and tongs,
she means it.

You will note that this page refers to a Novena..
A novena is nine days of daily mass (pick your parish church carefully), 
communion, rosaries, prayers and anything else you would to add.
For inspiration please see
John O'Brien's poem,

The Litany of the Sacred Heart,
as you will see below,
is full of some very heavy doctrinal statements.
have any comprehension of their import
or did she just leave all that 
to the Pope and the Parish Priest?

And no discussing of the Sacred Heart
would be complete for the real reason
Catholics are never surprised by a
burning Jesus.

It is that wonderful Faith of our Fathers-style
singalong hymn
To Jesus Heart All Burning.
Over at Kairos we are given the words -
with an extra verse I have never heard before -
together with a link to an accompaniment.
Don't like that accompaniment much -
a bit oomp pah pah for my taste -
but, deat Networkers, 
it was the best I could do.

So there you are you surprised Protestants..
The Cattle-ticks 
(even those who merely call themselves Cultural Catholics),
as usual, have the situation covered.
Hear me humming.
It's State of Origin night,
and I have previously mentioned
what is ingested on such an occasion.
Have had a few sips,
so any moment now the humming
will become a full blown
nostalgic soprano.
And I don't need the words from Kairos -
except for that novelty verse at the end.

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