Friday, 25 June 2010

Murray Darling Basin Plan is now expected in August not July

Below is a news item I picked up on the ABC. See below.  The MDB Plan had been due for release in early July.  Is the delay in releasing the Murray Darling Basin Plan because of the changes in Labor's leadership?  Does it have to wait for review by a possible new Minister, a new Cabinet, by Julia herself?

Authority takes its time on Murray-Darling plan

Posted June 25, 2010 08:09:00
The release of the much-anticipated new Murray-Darling basin plan is now expected in August.
The plan will set new limits on how much of the basin's water can be used for production and urban supplies, and is being tipped to substantially cut entitlements.
The plan was due in the middle of the year, but the Murray-Darling Basin Authority's Di Davidson says early August is now the target date.
"We are spending a lot of time on the various scenarios that we can model, particularly including social and economic information as well as all the environmental and hydrology information, so we can get this first guide to the plan in its best possible form," she said.

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