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The New Way Summit - Melbourne 1 - 4 July 2010

Lifted (and a Hat Tip to my comrade-in-arms, the indefatigible Cheryl) from the Aboriginal Genocide Centre site.

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"Why we must have a new way and what is it?"

  • The Summit is a unique meeting on the status and place of Aboriginal people in contemporary Australia, and beyond.  
  • The Summit brings together collective minds in Academia, Professions and Communities to find and  share solutions. 
  • The summit will have strong appeal for Educators, Administrators, Aboriginal Affairs Practitioners, Senior and Middle Management Personnel from both private and public sectors, Government Agencies and Communities who will be attracted to the breadth and depth of issues under discussion.

Summit Program
Thursday – July 1st 2010

Official opening
Location: Kangan TAFE Broadmeadows
1:00pm – 5:00pm - Various Dignitaries
Traditional, Teaching Dance and Song - Meaning and Application of Aboriginal Sovereignty - Mark McMurtrie, Victorian Aboriginal Land Justice Group, Prof Wendy Brabham, Deakin University

Teaching of Sovereignty and Aboriginal law, Legal place and position in Australia - post Mabo.- Mark McMurtrie, Victorian Aboriginal Land Justice Group.

Friday 2nd July 2010
Location: Trades Hall Council


Welcome to Country - Wurrunjerri
Introduction - New Way Summit - Socio-economic and political implications and movement against broader factors – Michael Anderson
Sovereignty – importance and meaning of sovereignty – Michael Anderson
Why a New Way and why sovereignty and treaty are necessary - Mark McMurtrie, Educator
Genocide – Past and present socio-political, legal implications – Prof Robert Manne, LaTrobe University
Treaty – the importance of Treaty and its relevance today and in the future – Geoff Clarke, Ex-Chair ATSICRobbie Thorpe, Activist

picture poster 1987
Australia has a Black History – The whitewashing of black history and future - Prof Richard Broome, La Trobe University
Historical Civil Rights Movement and it's application today – who's dreaming what? - Gary Foley, Victoria University
The Aboriginal Movement and the Left. An explanation - Terry Townsend, Author

See full size image
The Gap - why does it exist and how do we bring it to an end? - Prof John Taylor ANU Canberra 
Aboriginal community based and controlled organisations. Do they have a future? - Alan Brown, VAHS Chairman
The illusion of Government & Aboriginal organization partnership(s). A bad marriage? - Prof Mark Rose, Deakin University


Northern Territory Intervention. "The purpose and the design of the intervention and how to bring it to an end". - MAIC Panel
Deaths in Custody. Why do Aboriginal deaths in custody continue and what must we do? - Panel - Marrianne Mackay, WA Watch Committee
Children taken away. Are they still being stolen and what can we do? - Prof Robert Manne, LaTrobe University

Racism. No way
Key Note Address - Freedom of speech and racism in the media? - Chris Graham, Founding editor, National Indigenous Times

Drinks AND Refreshments

Saturday 3rd July 2010
Location: Trades Hall Council

The role and importance of the United Nations and the civil rights movement in advancing Aboriginal rights.
The Victorian Aboriginal Genocide Centre.
What needs to be done and how do we do it – Sharon Firebrace – Founder Aboriginal Genocide Centre
Socialist movements - Advancing the cause – Sandra Bloodworth
United Nations - Comparisons, priorities and directions - Mark McMurtrie

11: 30am

The role of Amnesty International in advancing Aboriginal rights - International to local issues – are there commonalities and is there a way forward? Monica Morgan, Amnesty International
Venezeulan Experience - Lessons, parallels and benefits to be gained for the Aboriginal movement – Lara Pullen
Pacific islands - Common issues and directions
International Treaties. USA, New Zealand and Canada - Relevance, parallels and models for application. - Panel – Geoff Clarke, Robbie Thorpe, Michael Anderson

2:00 pm

Poltical Parties - How can they advance an Aboriginal future? - Sam Watson, Socialist AllianceAdam Brandt, Greens party, Labor party and Liberal party. Do they have solutions or are they pretending?


Trade Union movement and defending Aboriginal rights - Panel discussion – ETU, MUA , CMFEU and AMWU – policies and directions - Unions and the 'New Way'.


Unions and Aboriginal Movement: Solutions and Directions. Key Note Speaker - Union Movement

Sunday 4th July 2010

Key Aboriginal instrumentalities: Are they still relevant?
What happened to ATSIC and it's billions? - An economic, socio-political evaluation – Geaff Clarke, Ex-Chair ATSIC
Aboriginal Land Councils: Do they provide a future?

What of Native Title? Manipulated outcomes or a mistake? - Gary Foley, Victoria University


National Congress of Australia's First Peoples - Is this appropriate and why? - Terry Arabena, Chairperson
Victorian Aboriginal Land Justice Group. What is it and does it offer a solution? - Gary Murray, Traditional Owner
Original Sovereign Tribal Federation - Are we ready? - Michael Anderson / Mark McMurtrie
Discussion Panel – Combination of representatives - conclusive remarks


Meals and Drinks Available at various costs
Conference material available at various costs

Summit Costs
Code Status Cost Per day

HW High Wage $120.00 $40.00
W Waged $50.00 $16.00
UW Unwaged $20.00 $10.00
ST Student $15.00 $2.50
Sharon Firebrace – Phone: 0401 414 967 Email:
Cheryl Kaulfuss 0401806331 Sharon Firebrace 0401414967

Speakers include
Michael Anderson -
Aboriginal rights activist, community leader, 'New Way' Architect.
Kerry Arabena -
Merriam wiman - co-Chair National Congress of Australia's First Peoples
Adam Bandt  - 
The Greens party candidate, Lawyer, speaker at the initial NT Intervention rally.
Sandra Bloodworth -
Labour historian and long-term socialist and Indigenous rights activist
Prof Richard Broome -
Lecturer, Australian History, La Trobe University and author.
Alan Brown  -
Chairman Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and Director for over 30 years.
Geoff Clarke  -
ATSIC's first elected national Chairman - from the Tjapwuurong tribe, Victoria
Sharon Firebrace -
Yorta Yorta woman - activist and founder of Aboriginal Genocide Centre
Gary Foley -
Gumbainggir descent and a veteran Indigenous activist, academic, writer, actor
Marianne Mackay -
Aboriginal rights activist - Ecological Social Justice Aboriginal Party
Prof. Robert Manne -
Public intellectual, Author and Professor of  Politics La Trobe University
Mark McMurtrie -
Yoree Sovereign educator, member Vic. Aboriginal Land Justice Group
Monica Morgan -
Yorta Yorta woman, founder of the MLDRIN (Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations) and Water Rights author
Gary Murray -
Traditional owner and land rights activist from Wadi, Wamba and Barapa peoples
Prof Mark Rose  -
Professor at Deakin University - traditionally linked to the Gunditjmara Nation
Lara Pullen  - GLW author, first became involved in politics in 1986 when she was 17 years old
Robbie Thorpe -
 indigenous activist sovereignty, treaty, land-rights, genocide, denial issues.
Sam Watson  -
Australian Aboriginal activist, writer, filmmaker and socialist politician

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Nation to Nation: Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Future of Canada

by Waratah Rose Gillespie (recently deceased)

Native Liberty: Crown Sovereignty : The Existing Aboriginal Right of Self-Government in Canada (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Series, No 4)

Further reading:

Recognising Aboriginal sovereignty - implications for the treaty process : Speech by Dr William Jonas AM, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission :Presented at ATSIC National Treaty Conference, Tuesday 27 August 2002

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