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Redheads are not fair game

From The Age

The redhead racism has asserted itself already.  Julia tried to make light of it in her speech to the nation saying she was the first woman to step into the top job and perhaps the first redhead.  Needless to say the unreconstructed ones at Triple M are calling Julia the first ranga Prime Minister
This contemporary singling out of Gingas and Rangas amazes me.  I am a redhead, the daughter of a redhead, who married a redhead and produced three children (two of whom have red hair and the third is copper-y brown).  I don't recall all this nonsense that seems to go on about redheads going on across my years but it seems very fashionable now  - and, folks, it ain't always amusing to those on the receiving end.  Why should little kids have to grow up with all this discriminatory rubbish?

Hats off to Stephen Simpson who lives across The Ditch in Christchurch and he is compllaining.  Some people say that the negative singling out of redheads is not only a discrimination issue.  There is an argument that this sort of negative comment and adverse actions  amounts to racial profiling.

Some ethnic groups are known for a sizeable section of their community having red hair:
  • Scandinavians
  • Irish and Scottish Celts
  • Some Jewish populations with origins in eastern Europe
Now, Miss Eagle is of Irish Celtic stock.  In Ireland, there are the Black Irish (usually really black, black hair with blue eyes) and the Red Irish (usually with red hair.  My eyes are brown but many are blue-eyed).

So I and the others mentioned above cannot help their hair colour any more than one can help one's skin colour - acting adversely in the second could be actionable under the laws of the land, the first probably is not.....but we watch with interest how Stephen SImpson goes.  

If people, particularly children, are being bullied and teased and treated adversely, then the perpetrators need to called....and, sooner or later, the best way for persistent abuse is the resort to law.

After all, see below, there are/have been some wonderfully gorgeous redheads

My friend Rowan Barber in Brisbane says:
RowanBarber @misseagle Gillard is our second redheaded PM. James Scullin (22nd of October 1929 - 6th of January 1932) was the first

Wed 30 June 2010
Hat Tip to Tracy Bartrum and her production team over at ABC Melbourne's Local Radio 774 where Tracey is filling in for Red Symons.  Have told the production team about Stephen Simpson's case mentioned above because, if they can make contact, they wouldn't mind talking to him.  So perhaps you might keep your ears pealed and listening to 774.

And thanks to Tracy for broadcasting this information.  There is an encouraging site for redheads and while I don't like redheads being names for other species they are taking the opportunity of raising money for one of my favouritest species.  Anyway website is and, in their view, ranga means Red And Nearly Ginger Association

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