Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Coal Creek Farmers Market: coming soon

A Coal Creek garden 

One thing you have to say about Coal Creek down in beautiful Southern Gippsland is that they are always planning something - big fun-filled community somethings.  The Network's spies down at GippyAgChat are telling that a farmers market is soon to come.  The Network loves farmers' markets whether the produce comes from commercial locals or the grow your own tribe - we like it fresh, localised, with small carbon footprints.  And when it comes from the rolling green hills of beautiful Gippy South we're on.

Applications are now open for prospective stallholders 
at a new authentic Farmers’ Market at Coal Creek in October. 
The Farmers’ Market will be held in the main car 
park on the second Saturday of each month
 from 8am-1pm, starting on Saturday October 9, 
and will bring together accredited farmers and specialist food makers.
5655 1811 or 

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