Sunday, 13 June 2010

Red tape and Pink batts : Cupidity and Lucidity

Over on Richard Denniss's Facebook site is the most lucid thing I have read on the pink batts issue.  It is written by someone who knows, Anny Joseph.  I reprint it below:

"And you forgot one important aspect that the Hawke Review raised. You need to place it in context. The GFC was a huge issue in the time. The Government did what people had been calling for... less red tape. Make it simple and allow it to go as quickly as possible (based on demand). It steamed hundreds of thousands of jobs. If people like you react so strongly - then the only thing that will happen is that everything Government does will have extensive red tape and be overly risk adverse. In fact, it is now too risky by your terms to do an ETS. It needs several more years of refined thought.

Federal Government was not the first or the second Government to have insulation rebates. But it was the first to remove red tape and make it easier to access.

The number of complaints on the insulation program was less than 1% of all installations done. This is reasonable. All companies that were registered to install insulation certified that they would meet or relevant safety standards etc.

The insulation program was a demand driven program. In fact, Government had to move money quickly because the demand was unforeseen. The Government provided the incentive and the the demand created by Australians. I can tell you, the Government did not demand that the bridge be built in 3 months. They did not do the cold calling.

The one positive aspect of this process is that now the insulation program will be regulated.

We are moving back to the time when a person walks outside and trips over on the footpath... blame the Government.

I run a rebate program in Federal Government - instead of being innovative, instead of reducing red tape and instead of being less bureaucratic - we are moving to be more insular... congratulations.

And with the deaths - thats a workcover issue. It was sad, but I cannot see how the Government is responsible."

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