Wednesday, 16 June 2010

State of Origin 2 : Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane - The Cauldron : #18

Has Gidley got a try?
Or is he off side of Billy Slater?

Video ref!
No try!

75th Minuted

Fresh air, NSW.

Looks like Johnathan Thurston and Darren Lockey
are about to join Rugby League Royalty.

We only really bow to Wally - not to Alfie, even.
What do we do for JT and Dazza?
A whole new ritual, perhaps?

When the Blues are trying, they look like they are trying.

Touch down, Brett White for the Blues.

80th minute
34-6 for the Maroons

I think that Brett White needs a medal for compassion.
Saved the Blues for a zero game.

It is over.
Queensland Victorious.
Commentator says it is Dazza's last origin.
Last ball ended in Dassa's hands.
Origin Series has been won five times in a row
by Queensland.

This Origin must go down in the history books.
I don't yet know if it is unique.
If not, it is still up there.
The scoring. The melees.
The tension.
The Maroons dominance.
What can one say!


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