Thursday, 24 June 2010

If Julia Gillard becomes PM to-day, will anyone tell Ruth Jones and James Corden?

Dear Networkers, Miss Eagle likes to take you -as far as she is able -  to places in the public debate and discourse which you can't get from the Canberra Press Gallery or the hacks of Fairfax and Murdoch.  In this context, Miss Eagle has one word to say in the Kevin Rudd -v- Julia Gillard Prime Mnisterial stakes. - Barry.

In Miss Eagle's household, we are great fans of the British comedy, Gavin & Stacey written by Ruth Jones and James Corden.  A significant character in the story of Gavin & Stacey is Stacey's hometown of Barry in Wales..  In the G & S context, Barry is all that is bland, boring, and working class.

But Australia has to know that the birthplace of their Prime Minister in waiting is Barry, Wales.  Will Julia becoming Prime Minister lift the profile of Barry, Miss Eagle wants to know?  Certainly, it will necessitate an editing and updating of the Wikipedia entry.

But I really would love to know, should Julia become PM, what Nessa and Smithy have to say.

Nessa and Smithy contemplate the possibility
of Julia Gillard as Prime Minister

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